Companies outsource for a lot of reasons, but some reasons obviously carry more weight than others. In a 2016 Ryder survey, two-thirds of businesses reported that access to functional expertise was a top reason for outsourcing, with more than 60 percent reporting cost reduction as a crucial factor. Rounding out the top four reasons to outsource were the ability to focus on core competencies (52 percent) and the ability to scale (more than 40 percent). 

 With the complexity and expense associated with fleet management, it’s easy to see why there is an increasing trend for small and midsize companies to move that function to an outside provider. In fact, the same survey found that 60 percent of businesses already outsource some or all of their logistics and distribution, with more than half outsourcing some or all of their fleet management. These business owners understand that hiring a specialist to manage this aspect of their business saves money and time, freeing them up focus on their core mission. 

“The truth is, owning, running, and maintaining a fleet can be costly. Unpredictable costs, breakdowns, and unseen risk can take your focus away from your business and your customers,” says Kirk Morton. With Ryder, “you get a fleet you can rely on, predictable monthly costs, vehicle-replacement opportunity, and time to focus on your business.” Now, business owners can have the best of both worlds--the benefits of outsourcing, with the flexibility and autonomy of ownership. Those benefits are found in Ryder’s ChoiceLease service, the most flexible leasing option available on the market today. 

When adding together all the options provided by Ryder for fleet management, outsourcing may sound expensive. However, Ryder’s TCO tool is proven to save companies up to 25 percent off their transportation spend. The factors that may have driven transportation costs up for small businesses in the past are now benefits through a Ryder ChoiceLease. With Ryder ChoiceLease, you can get out of the trucking business and put your focus back where it belongs: on running your business.


We hope you enjoyed this excerpt from our new guide, “Today’s Fleets: Turning Complexity into reliability and growth to meet business demands”.  To download the full guide from Ryder and Inc, click here.