Magento is our choice for the best eCommerce platform for retailers that are established, successful, and ready to take their sales game online. Cruising the company's website, you see that some of the biggest brands in the world use the platform to power their online stores. It's impressive but can be a bit intimidating.

Magento is an Adobe company and it's open-source eCommerce solution is free to download. The company's website is packed with case studies of clients from across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and North America. We really wanted to read the Coca-Cola case study, but that link wasn't working. Still there were case studies for brands like Yakima, Burger King, Canon, Marie Claire and dozens more. Even the Atlanta Hawks of the National Basketball Association are a client.

While the platform's software is free to download, it takes a developer to make it something really impressive and uniquely branded. Magento has relationships with a number of partners who can work with you to help create the online store that works seamlessly with your physical location.

Magento is very selective about the developers it allows to add tools to its open-source platform. These tools work seamlessly with your brick-and-mortar stores. Customers can order online and pick up in your store. Inventory control happens in real time. Keep in mind that these are enterprise-level solutions. There is one free theme for designing your online store. The other themes start at $29 and go up to $500. The extensions can cost thousands of dollars, but they power your accounting, content, customer support, marketing, payments, security, reporting, shipping, optimization, etc.

For small businesses, Magneto Commerce provides cloud hosting and deployment along with business intelligence tools to help boost sales. The system is scalable with the goal to one day push you into the major leagues. To get you started Magento will pair you with a development partner who will get your store up and running with an "Express Package." These packages come with everything you need including customer support, payments and security, marketing, accounting and finance, shipping and fulfillment and site optimization. There is no price on this or any Magento package, but they can easily run five figures, and that doesn't include the cost of hosting the site.

When you're ready for the big time -- multiple stores, multiple channels, a global footprint -- Magento Commerce puts you with dedicated "customer success contacts." They focus on the business intelligence, order management and other tools to boost the sales while your people can be creative and focus on giving customers what they want.