The templates for every eCommerce platform render well on mobile, but Squarespace takes special care to ensure the user experience is top-notch when viewed on a mobile device.

This is crucial for anyone who has an online store as mobile is quickly becoming the dominant medium for online sales. According to eCommerce designer OuterBox, 125 million U.S. consumers own smartphones. More than 60 percent of those smartphone users made an online purchase in the last six months. eCommerce dollars make up 10 percent of all retail revenue. You see where this is going.

Squarespace recognizes this and ensures that each template design has a unique mobile experience matching the overall style of the store. This includes its templates for personal websites which start at $12 a month when purchased annually.

The Business plan billed annually at $18 a month adds a mobile information bar along with the mobile optimization. This mobile information bar allows you to highlight whatever is most important to you. This could be your email, phone number, business hours, map, etc.

The Basic plan billed annually at $26 a month and the advanced plan billed annually at $40 a month include mobile-optimized checkout in addition to the mobile-optimized site and information bar. In most templates the shopping cart is highlighted in a black bar on the bottom of the mobile display.

Images can be problematic with some do-it-yourself tools, but Squarespace employs a "Responsive Image Loader" generating multiple scaled versions of each image uploaded. Squarespace then detects what device is being used to view the site and loads the appropriate image for optimum viewing. It even works for Apple devices with Retina Displays.

The responsiveness doesn't stop with imagery. The site's general layout, charts and graphics are all optimized to be responsive to viewing on mobile devices. Even emails are optimized so marketing campaigns render well when viewed on smartphones and tablets.

To help with the construction of your store, Squarespace has extensive articles in its support section dedicated to mobile display. It demonstrates how to use the Device View tool which allows for viewing on different displays. Also, since Google gives mobile-optimized sites a higher priority, Squarespace templates are search-engine friendly and easy to find on mobile searches. There is a complete section dedicated to SEO and Squarespace.

The tool is also feature rich from an eCommerce standpoint, offering the kind of features you would expect from other services, like the ability to sell unlimited products, metrics, SSL certificates, 24/7 support, customer logins, and no transaction fees for the $26 and $40 plans. The top plan includes abandoned cart recovery, gift cards, real-time carrier shipping and flexible customer discounts.

Published on: Aug 22, 2018