How safe of a vice presidential pick was Tim Kaine by Democratic Presidential nominee  Hillary Clinton? So safe that more than 12 hours after his selection, hardly any notable tech founders or business entrepreneurs even bothered to weigh in on the choice via Twitter. 

Clinton announced her selection of the Virginia Senator Friday evening and made her first appearance alongside Kaine Saturday in Miami. 

Widely considered a moderate, Kaine is a pro-business candidate. His track record includes support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, and just this week, he signed a pair of letters calling for looser banking regulation. Yet despite his pro-business stances, few famed founders or CEOs have taken the time to publicly praise the decision. Former entrepreneur Mark Warner did--but then he's Kaine's home state colleague in the Senate. 


Despite that absence, many analysts and Wall Street types commended the selection and said it was an indicator for the direction Clinton would take with tech and business.

"Businesses and Wall Street are going to be a little more comfortable with him instead of someone like Elizabeth Warren," said Craig Agranoff, founder of and co-founder of, a digital marketing agency. "He is a free trader. Generally being a pro-business democrat, he should be liked by Silicon Valley. The liberals will be unhappy with this choice." (They were.)



"Tim Kaine is a positive for business and entrepreneurs as it signals that Hillary is moving more towards the middle and away from the far left," said Matthew Tuttle the chief investment officer of Tuttle Tactical Management. "Kaine is the son of a welder and owned a metal working shop, so he might also be more sensitive to the needs of small business." 

Kaine also plays the harmonica--a fact which moved at least one well-known tech founder to tweet.