Software engineers across the nation make $104,000 a year on average, but for those working at the top tech companies in the world, that's just the start. New data released Tuesday shows that the average coder working for the likes of Apple, Amazon, Uber and others easily make more than $200,000 when salary, equity and bonuses are all added up.

At the top of the charts is Airbnb, which pays its average engineer a total compensation of $312,000 per year, according to a report by The Information. The figures in the report come from Paysa, a startup that collects compensation data. At Airbnb, more than half of a coder's pay comes in his or her equity in the company.

Paysa's data shows that it's still a good time to be a software engineer working in Silicon Valley. The data published reflects that of typical software engineers and excludes the salaries of senior engineers and product managers.

Airbnb is the only firm that appears to be paying programmers more than $300,000 a year on average, but there are many others who exceed the $200,000 mark. They include Uber ($292,000), Twitter ($290,000), Facebook ($285,000), Snapchat ($252,000), Google ($233,000), Microsoft ($222,000), Apple ($208,000) and Amazon ($203,000).

A separate report released in late August by Hired shows that geographically the San Francisco Bay Area remains the region with the top salaries for software engineers. There, the average salary for an engineer is $136,000. That is followed by Seattle at $128,000 and Los Angeles, where coders get paid $124,000 annually on average.

The reason for these extravagant salaries is easy to explain: while the tech industry continues booming, the demand for engineers grows but the supply for this talent has not kept up. Across the United States, there are more than 223,000 vacant software developer jobs, according to data released earlier this year by ACT | The App Association. More than 91 percent of these jobs are located outside of Silicon Valley.

But while software engineers are getting well compensated, they are not the highest paid jobs in tech. On average, coders earn $123,000 a year, according to Hired. That trails the salaries of product managers and data scientists, who make $133,000 and $127,000, respectively. Behind software developers are designers, who make $115,000 on average.