If you are the type of person that is constantly gathering facts, skills followers on social media and resume items, you may need to give yourself a moment to check in and see what you can let go of. Letting go is essential in your growth process.

Here are two simple things to let go of starting today, to make space for your greatness to shine through and live a more meaningful life.

1. Let go of your truths

You may have a truth, or a few, that are buried deep inside you. Truths that you have yet to share with anyone personally or professionally.

Speaking your truth and letting go of your truth unburdens you and the other person. More importantly, this act takes courage and what is filled in the space of letting go of your truth is more courage than you already have. Truth telling also leads to better communication and more meaningful relationships both at work and at home.

Elizabeth Lesser describes the benefits and healing that come with speaking your truth and seeking out your truth in others, in her Ted Talk.

2. Let go of small talk

When people ask you how you are doing or how your day was, replace your quick go-to answer with an authentic response. One that is honest.

Even if the person you are conversing with is not a close friend or a close co-worker, answering honestly makes room for a meaningful bond to begin to occur. The art of having a meaningful conversation is quickly becoming lost in today's social media addicted world.

Letting go of small talk, even with strangers, can bring more meaning in your day, your life and your relationships. When you open up authentically, your greatness starts to pour out. Ted has a great playlist of Ted Talks on the art of meaningful conversation.

These two simple tweaks in your day-to-day life can open room for your greatness to come through at work, in your personal life and in your relationships.