I am a big fan of rituals because they decorate our time on this planet, help us reflect and give us guidance on where to go next. New Year's allows for a very meaningful ritual: taking inventory for the past year and setting the tone for the year to come.

2016 has been an intense year for everyone, both personally and collectively. It's natural to want to avoid reflecting on an intense year and it's equally as important to do exactly so.

List 5 (or more) accomplishments and ways in which you've surprised yourself in 2016

Go to your calendar, work flow, photos on your phone or wherever you might have some notes about what you were up to at the beginning of the year. Take your mind back to what was going on in the world at that time and in your personal life at work and in your relationships.

Taking time to reflect on where you were at the beginning of the year, how you felt and what your vision was for the year will allow you to see ways in which you grew in 2016 and ways in which you got in your own way.

Jot down 5 things (or more, if you have more) that you were able to successfully accomplish this past year. Take them in. Allow yourself to feel pride and joy from being able to reach the places you have reached this past year.

List 5 (or more) ways in which you feel you got in your own way in 2016

This is really important. Everyone gets in their own way, every single year. Instead of concluding that you're not good enough in some way or that you simply cannot make any changes, identify the ways in which you got in your own way.

Here's a sample example:

You might have wanted to speak up more at work with your feedback and creativity. Instead you maintained status quo and felt unfulfilled most of the time. One way you could have been getting in your own way is by needing to be liked and fearing rejection of your creative opinions at work. In this example, the way you got in your own way is with the need to be liked.

Using this example, identify 5 (or more) different ways you got in your own way this past year. Then think about how those ways may have also blocked you from other areas of growth in your life.

In this example, you might think that the goal should be to lose the fear to be liked. This just creates tension and opposition. Instead, promise to have awareness the way you get in your own way and to be inclusive of it, so it doesn't rule over your actions. Instead, it is the passenger in your life and you are the driver.

Choose a few north stars and set the tone for 2017

Decide on a few directions you want to look towards in your life. When you are looking towards these directions, carry with you pride of your accomplishments in the past year and compassion for the various ways you kept yourself from your own expansion.

You are human, you will continue to have habits of getting in your own way. The key will be to carry the awareness of the habits with you, with compassion and not let the habits be the driver and make decisions on your behalf.

Drive towards your north star with pride, awareness and compassion. All else will align as it will to make sure you have another year filled with both joy, success and lessons to learn from.