One night this week I was feeling ill and had already taken a few doses of Tylenol throughout the day. I wondered how many doses you can safely take and did a Google search on Tylenol. Since that night, I have ads for Tylenol all over the place - in my Twitter feed (both mobile and desktop), in my Google search results, and on the side of articles I read.

Here's the point. Every action you take, every curiosity you have, every search word you use, every news bit you watch, every product you take a look at or purchase online, every word that comes out of your mouth across all platforms are pooled into an algorithm, defining and categorizing you.

The system is solely data oriented. What you do and engage with turns into more data for the system. It doesn't take into consideration what is in your heart.

To thrive and change the world around you, commit to one thing every day: stay focused and engage wisely.

Focus on data that you do want to embody and foster more of in your community.

Focus on topics that empower you. For example, if you are against bullying, don't share an article on the most recent victim of bullying. Share on article on an act of kindness.

Stay focused at work. Stay focused in your personal life. Stay focused.

We live in a click bait world. What gets more clicks grows, what gets less clicks disappears. Consider this the next time you click on, watch and engage media.