It's the time of year again to set goals and decide what you will accomplish in the coming year.

Instead, in 2017 you can free up space to be present and engaged with your own life. You can see what's already being offered to you that you are missing out on. Allow room for accomplishments to happen to you, rather than struggling to make them happen.

There's an abundance of opportunity around you every day and you might simply be missing it because of these three things.


Being over stimulated on coffee can cause you to be jittery and constantly crave new stimulation. You might be able to multi-task like a robot on caffeine, though, studies show that multi tasking is actually ineffective. Focusing on one task and being present with the task will allow you to be far more effective than simply getting a multitude of things done in a short period of time.

When you have your mind, heart and body focused on each moment in your day, you will be more present and engaged fully.

Whether at work or in your personal life, you will be able to see clearly the depth of each moment and receive potential opportunities that you were missing out before as a busy bee.

Social Media

Another form of over stimulation and distraction is social media. Social media takes you away from yourself. It's a quick distraction that usually fills your mind with an overflow of content that you are unable to fully process in the short amount of time you are spending on any given platform.

What if instead of engaging with social media every few minutes throughout the day, you spent 20 - 30 min on it once a day and gave it your full attention and then moved on?

Staying present with your work flow, family and friends makes all the difference in your well being, quality of life and level of calm in your mind. Try cutting back on your engagement throughout the day and see how much space opens up.


More and more people are turning outside of themselves for a distraction, a way to numb out or feel less stress. Going to the root of your stress instead of finding a band-aid solution like alcohol can be far more effective.

Cutting back on drinking and social drinking, will allow your body to be hydrated, focused and present without getting cloudy or numb.

You want to be in your life more. Cutting back on distractions might be the key to your growth and success in 2017. Life might have been trying to give you something all these years and you were too displaced to even notice it.