There are so many tips and tricks out there to increase productivity and decrease procrastination.

Take short breaks, make lists ...

Remove distractions, prioritize ...

Drink less coffee, drink more coffee ...

You've heard them all before. There is only one commitment that will allow you to end procrastination once and for all. It's a commitment that needs to be taken seriously in all your decisions.

That means you need to remember that you have committed to this before you take on any commitments and obligate yourself to something at a certain time. Every time you put something on your list or in your calendar or verbally agree to do something for or with another person in your life -- be it work or personal -- you need to remember this commitment. Here it is:

I commit to follow through on every commitment I make in a timely manner. I will only commit to those things that I am willing to accomplish and will only commit to do them when I am willing to do them.

What this will do is keep you accountable to what you are taking on. If you are procrastinating, chances are you don't want to do the very thing you committed to. So don't commit to it until and only until you are absolutely willing to commit to it.

It takes breaking a habit

The practice of breaking integrity with yourself can become a habit that develops into a mistrust in yourself to follow through. If you cannot have integrity and trust with yourself, how do you expect other people to trust you?

An easy example to go through is exercise. If you are procrastinating and keep pushing back your exercise routine, then let it go. Admit to yourself that you are unwilling to exercise at this stage in your life. One day, you will get to a point where you will be absolutely willing and committed to exercising and today is not that day. This very practice will help you build your integrity and redevelop your trust in your will and your intuition.

If you keep pushing back a lunch date with a friend, it's probable that you are not interested in seeing that friend. It is OK to let the friendship go and stand in place of integrity.

If you intend to write an article or run an errand and keep putting it off, be honest with yourself about when you are actually willing to do it. Look at your calendar and pick a time that is most convenient for you and remember that you committed to follow through on the commitments you make in a timely manner. If you aren't willing to write the article, say no.

It takes courage

Being honest with yourself about what you are willing and unwilling to commit to will lead you to live a life with more fulfillment and integrity. It takes courage to speak your truth. This will be the one commitment that will break procrastination forever.

Be courageous. No one else can do that for you.