It's 2018 and it's no longer enough to simply work, create and focus on your product or service. You must be aligned with a cause greater than yourself and the product you're selling. 

According to, 67% of nonprofits across the globe are set up to accept online donations. The average number of charities each person supports is a whopping 4.5. That's no joke. No wonder the average dollar donation online is so high.

When you make a commitment to do good and get aligned with the right partners, online platforms, organizations and conferences can make taking action and implementing change easier for you. 

More and more brands and individuals, especially millennials, are partnering up with causes, charities and non-profit organizations that are out there working to create change. Here are a few.

On individual donors or companies can select multiple charities to add to their 'Cause Fund' profile and set up recurring donations throughout the year. They can proudly share their Cause Fund with their communities and fundraise for their causes. curated a list of Leaders that Care to kick off 2018. These individuals are making an impact and putting good 'karma' into the world on a daily basis. For example, 

Amy Endeman, a surfer, a cook, a lover of oceans, and the Head of Marketing at Sunbasket, said she cares about food, education, freedom, and natural beauty - or as she calls them, "blessings many of us take for granted." She shares her cause fund here

Classy's Collaborative

Classy, an online fundraising platform, puts together a 3-day immersive experience, called Collaborative, where change-makers get together to envision how they will co-create the future of social entrepreneurship. The conference experience allows attendees to make connections with nonprofit leaders and peers so they can head home with actionable strategies that can accelerate change. 

The experience includes hands-on workshops, panel discussions, fireside chats, TED-style talks, and networking. 

The experience takes place June 12 through the 14th this year in Boston.

Agents of Change Summit

The Agents of Change Summit aims to equip its attendees with evidence-based strategies proven to cause change and the technological tools to effectively drive health behaviors. 

The inaugural Agents of Change Summit in 2016 brought together more than 320 'change agents' from 41 states, 8 countries, and 199 organizations. A list can be found here

The summit takes place February 12 and 13 this year in San Diego.

The Heart Series

The Heart Series, based in Los Angeles, is a 2 day event for companies to share and learn best practices for making an impact.

Founded by Los Angeles based entrepreneurs, Gail Cayetano Classick and Megan Sette, The Heart Series partners with speakers like the CEO of Homeboy Recycling, and Amy Poehler's Smart Girls to head discussions around how to be effective in building community to solve bigger challenges and creating a model that serves a higher purpose. 

The Heart Series takes place February 15 and 16 this year in El Segundo, Los Angeles.