If you're lazy, you might enjoy having a manager who isn't doing their job properly. It can give you an out.

Maybe you'd like that for a day or a week. The truth is, lacking structure to be able to do your job, means that you will quickly get bored, stifled and stagnant. No one is happy working in an environment where they feel underutilized. It can get old pretty quickly.

If your manager or superior above you isn't performing well, it means you probably have to deal with it. Here are three tips to transform stagnancy to productive energy.

1. Ask for authority

Ask your manager if you can make judgment calls on a few decisions yourself. Take full responsibility for one or two processes in your department. This will allow you room to utilize your brain, creativity and energy and get things moving.

Sometimes all managers need is for their team to step up and take more off their plate so they can be more focused. When you ask for more authority, you are asking them to trust you. When you deliver on your responsibilities, you will build a foundation that will allow both of you to grow together.

2. Tell stories

When you see your manager could use improvement in a specific area, ask them to share a story.

Tell a story of a time you worked at another company and describe in detail how a situation was handled or what actions the team took that taught you a lot. Share your story from a place of willingness to improve together rather than from a place of comparison.

Stories give people a context for analysis and curiosity, which usually leads to more awareness and room for growth.

3. Don't wait

If your manager is falling short in any area, the last thing you want to do is wait it out. When you allow yourself to fall short because you are following someone else's path, it will still be held against you.

Having good worth ethic, means keeping at it even in the face of obstacles. In this case, your manager's falling short is your obstacle. Make a list of daily actions you can take to continue to contribute. Don't wait.