Have you noticed the hype around reducing stress in the past several years? It's becoming the new obsession, right next to weight loss. 

If you're a business person (or just a human being), you're always looking for the answer on how to feel better--more calm, relaxed, focused, effective, or productive. I have spent a decade trying every technique out there.

Here's what it comes down to: If you have to seek out an external source for your stress reduction, you're denying your own power, which is the cause of stress, anxiety, and depression to begin with.

Being human means you have feelings and instincts

Feelings and instincts can be found in the present moment. Emotions that you may feel as a result of dwelling on the past or thinking about the future, even if that is later the same day, are not your feelings. They are emotions that actually serve to keep you out of your present feeling and out of the present moment. 

When you deny your feelings or instincts in the present moment, it causes resistance that can produce emotions of anxiousness and stress.

Denying your feelings and instincts is denying the power that your human body has. Creative energy lives in feelings and instincts. Staying in tune with your feelings helps you manifest and produce in society in a much more effective and meaningful fashion than otherwise. 

Staying present

If you haven't heard this before, there's quite the buzz around "staying present." The reason? It keeps you in touch with your feelings and instincts with the intention of non-resistance.

It is common to turn to work, drugs, alcohol, food, or excessive socializing as a way to avoid having to feel your feelings in the present moment. Doing this can lead to less productivity and creation and ultimately increased stress and anxiety.

Be present first thing in the morning in the simplest place: your shower

Instead of being in your head about what you need to do the rest of the day, be in your body.

Feel the water on your body and physically feel the experience of your shower. If thoughts pop up, let them be and bring your attention back to your arm, leg, torso, or other body part. 

See how you feel on that particular day and allow yourself to feel without judgment. You don't always need to feel positive or happy. It is OK to feel sad or angry. It is safe to feel, especially in the shower. Feel it, and it will pass.

Start your day without the rush and urgency to prove yourself, every day.