You may have already created your goals for the year and feel like you are off to a great start. One thing you may not have considered in your goal setting process is how you will combat getting in your own way.

Everyone has habits that keep them from the best version of themselves. These habits are blind-spots. You don't know that they're in the way, and you probably don't know that they even exist.

How are you supposed to address something you are not aware of? Here's how.

Accept yourself as an addict.

Become curious about your subtle addictions. The best way to identify an addiction is to become acutely aware of what you are engaging with in order to avoid the moment.

It could be a myriad of things from checking social media, incessantly checking your inbox, eating snacks, sugar, drinking coffee and alcohol, engaging in social banter with no intention of connecting with the person, believing and engaging your own negative thoughts or emotions, to obsessive exercising.

This is just a short list. Every human being has his or her own way of avoiding the moment. Every individual is highly creative (whether they think so or not) and the habits people build to avoid the moment can be very tricky.

Identify your addiction.

Ask yourself what you turn to in order to avoid the moment.

Make a list of what you think some of your habits might be. Then, become curious if there are any other habits you are missing. Observe yourself each day for a week. Once your list is finalized, accept that you are addicted to the things on your list.

Commit to yourself.

Commit to no longer avoid the moment. Commit to being present in each moment.

You may still engage in the very things you have created habits around. Instead, the entry point to your social media check-in or ice cream consumption will not be avoidance, it will be enjoyment.

When you want to avoid the moment, stop. Ask yourself what you're trying to avoid in that moment. It could be a feeling, a fear, a discomfort around something professional or personal. Become curious about what it is that you are trying to avoid. It could be a responsibility or obligation.

Accept the unknown.

Accept that the ways in which you get in your own way constantly evolve.

As you allow yourself to be in the moment with the very thing you are trying to avoid, you will gain more clarity on how to access more of yourself - more of your energy, compassion, love, creativity, knowledge and the very attributes that make you unique.

When you avoid yourself in moments of your day, how do you expect to bring the best version of yourself to the goals you set for your year?

Last tip: Nurture your body, stay hydrated, get enough rest and don't forget to eat well. Making time for your physical well being will help you be more present. Exhaustion can throw most people for a loop.