When you're working as a part of a team, communication is essential. Without it, your goals could be misconstrued, your efforts could become uncoordinated, and you'll eventually have no hope of achieving a cohesive final result. Obviously, communication is a good thing, but when you're working with a group of people--rather than in a one-on-one setting--there are unique challenges and qualities to take into consideration.

That's why I've come up with this list of 10 "golden" rules you need to follow in a team environment--these are non-negotiable fundamental truths that you need if you want to communicate effectively:

Expect participation.
Listen to everyone.
Respect everyone.
Confirm understanding.
Encourage conciseness.
Choose channels appropriately.
Learn about each other.
Ask questions.
Assume discrepancies.
Summarize in a tangible way.

Put these golden rules at the top of your priorities list and you'll notice the quality and efficiency of your team communication start to improve. Teams are inherently more volatile than one-on-one settings, so expect some growing pains as you put these into practice, and don't worry if you can't follow all of these all the time. Just keep them in the back of your mind, expect them from your fellow teammates, and collectively strive for a better form of ongoing communication.