Let's face it. No matter how much you love the thrill of entrepreneurship, or enjoy working in a team environment you've created for yourself, the bottom line for any business is turning a profit. Even if you aren't interested in becoming wealthy or making more money in general, your business needs to make sure it earns more revenue than it spends on expenses, or else it won't be around for very long. Your profits can be used to re-invest in your current infrastructure, or at least can be used to create a cushion that will keep your business running during harder times.

When you aren't turning a profit, it's understandable why you'd feel anxious. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to keep your business afloat:

Control your expenses.
Markup your products.
Partner with another expert.
Charge for invisible costs.
Change your target market.
Find another revenue stream.

If you notice your business isn't turning a profit, don't take it as a sign of the end. Instead, take it as a gentle push to start experimenting with some new approaches. With a handful of pragmatic changes and some creative new ideas, you can easily dig yourself out of the hole and get your business making money again. These strategies aren't the only ones you can use to make your business more profitable, but they are relatively approachable and will get you started in the right direction.