Once again, the time has come and gone. Thousands of students across the country have been ushered out of their respective universities, colleges, and institutions and briskly thrown into the workforce. As a graduate with a business degree and focus in marketing, you'll be up against thousands of other young professionals looking for the same elusive jobs.

While doing the right thing is important, you also need to avoid doing the wrong things. If you can circumvent the following mistakes, which new college graduates frequently make, you'll be better off than most.

Job Search Mistakes

Many new graduates mess up from the beginning. The job search is important, so avoid the following blunders:

Being too narrow-minded.
Only searching online.
Focusing on the employer.
Worrying about pay.

Interview Mistakes

If you avoid the aforementioned mistakes, you should hopefully be able to land a few interviews. During these crucial meetings, you don't want to make the following errors:

Not listening.
Not preparing.
Not showing emotion.
Looking out of place.

On-the-Job Mistakes

After landing a job, you can't settle down and relax--especially during your first year. Now is the time to prove your worth. Avoid the following mistakes:

Thinking you're above grunt work.
Being passive.
Not learning.
Worrying about popularity.

Keys to Marketing Success

After reading through all of those potential pitfalls, you may assume that the marketing industry is filled with landmines that could blow at any given second. That's not entirely true, though. You just need to know how, and where, to step. Use your first year as a marketing professional to absorb as much information as you can. Get to the office an hour early, be the last one there, ask questions, listen to conversations, and work hard. If you do these things, you won't have any trouble. Good luck, class of 2015!


Published on: May 27, 2015