Twitter is much more than a place to interact with friends. It's also a booming platform for advancing your career. CEOs, hedge-fund managers, company presidents, and other successful entrepreneurs use Twitter constantly to share wisdom that young entrepreneurs can use to step up in their niches. Here are (in my opinion) the 10 most influential entrepreneurs (in no particular order) every business-savvy individual should be following on Twitter.

1. Melissa Stewart

Stewart is the founder of the blog She Owns It, which is devoted to helping women find their own success through the inspiring stories of others. According to the Twitter peer index, she ranks a high 67 for influencing others and has a grand total of 70.5K followers.

2. Steve Forbes

His grandfather founded the prestigious Forbes Magazine, which is one of the most influential and accredited sources for entrepreneurs today. He is the current CEO of Forbes, Inc., and has run unsuccessfully for the Republican presidential candidacy twice. As a savvy businessman and an aspiring politician, Forbes's peer index review hits 84 and he currently has 105K followers.

3. Kevin Rose

As a venture partner at Google Ventures and the co-founder of Digg, Rose is an important member of the Internet marketing society. He was named to MIT's Top 35 Innovators Under 35 list in 2007, and is still an inspiring young member of the business society today with 85 points in the peer review index and 1.56 million followers.

4. Anita Campbell

Another woman to reach the height of influence, Campbell is the CEO of Small Biz Trends, which is an online community for small business owners. Her 127K followers have discovered that she is the epitome of business professionalism and savvy entrepreneurial know-how.

5. Sir. Richard Branson

Branson is the chairman of Virgin Group, the vast international investment company worth billions. He currently has 5.33 million followers and a peer index rating of 90. He loves to tweet about his latest exploits in both business and recreation as one of the richest men in the United Kingdom.

6. Denis Crowley

As the co-founder and current CEO of Foursquare, Crowley has nearly 45,000 tweets to date with 77.7K followers and an influential approval rating of 83. He is constantly posting about handling day-to-day life as a savvy entrepreneur as well as his views on the evolution of social media.

7. Tim O'Reilly

O'Reilly is a Harvard graduate who is currently the CEO of O'Reilly Media, the American media giant that has made its way across the globe. With 1.91 million followers and 33.4K tweets to his name, O'Reilly is an excellent source for all things related to big business.

8. Steve Case

With a long record of entrepreneurial stewardship, Case is the former CEO of AOL and the current chairman of the Startup America Partnership. His tweets mostly aim to lift the next generation of visionaries who are seeking to make it big with their new business ideas. He has a peer rating of 85 and 727K followers.

9. Mark Cuban

You may know him as an investor on the ABC show Shark Tank, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, or the CEO of HDNet, each of which has added to his impressive record of entrepreneurship. He loves to explore controversial topics through his Twitter page, including SEC lawsuits, marijuana use, and drug testing in sports. You can become one of his 2.83 million followers and add to his 87-point peer index rating to learn more about how this perceptive entrepreneur does it.

10. Rupert Murdoch

CEO of News Corp and 21st Century Fox, Murdoch has 507K followers to date. He's getting on in years, but his perception of business and the world around him hasn't faded one bit.

So, who do think you'll follow on Twitter? Whether you choose to follow just one of these savvy entrepreneurs or all of them, you'll certainly garner some valuable insight from your newsfeed in the future.