What is V2MOM exactly?

It sounds like a funny acronym.

But I am convinced that there is no greater gauge for the health and direction of your own life, as well as the life of your company.

Whether you're starting a company or you'd like to be a leader in sales or marketing,  every employee, from Chief Executive down to the newest interns, should complete this exercise at least every single quarter.

Here are the 5 areas of V2MOM:

1. Vision

Vision represents the "why". In other words, why we do what we do.

For example, my vision is for Terminus rise to the status of recognized category leader in ABM.It just so happens that my vision happens to directly align with the company's vision, as well. That's something worth noting. When conducting your own V2MOM, it is highly recommended that your vision aligns with the company's vision. Because you don't just want to be just a company that does a thing.

You're here because you want to play your part so that your company can set a new standard and lead the industry.

2. Values

Determining values has actually been a recent phenomenon at Terminus.

The company previously prided itself on such values as respect, integrity and honesty. But those weren't the true values that our V2MOM's deserve. The aforementioned values are table sticks: they should be a prerequisite for everyone and every company.

Here are a few examples of my values that line up with my company's:


  • In a nutshell this value describes how the employees of Terminus behave as one team, always have each others' backs, working together for a bigger and better cause. In other words, working towards the vision of helping Terminus rise to the status of recognized category leader in ABM. It is the cornerstone for how Terminus operates as a company.


  • If you had keys to a Ferrari, wouldn't you want to drive it as fast as you can and see where things can go? That's the basis behind this value. It becomes contradictory to #oneteam, because it implies internal competition. Because one solution can change the world and one idea can put a company out in the marketplace, everyone in Terminus is encouraged to think outside of the box and (in a healthy way) compete against one another to discover that one thing that will take them to the top.

The key is that all members of the team (again, from executive down to intern) must unite behind the vision. Only then will the point of the #oneteam make sense. Once the vision is vivid, the second value comes into play, because the healthy competition inspires an idea or solution that can take you there.

So if all is agreed upon about where to go, then you need to figure out how to get there.

3. Methods

For me in the past, over-analysis led to paralysis. I learned that you don't have to overthink it.You don't have to try and make it a master plan, elicit with strategy detailed down to the 'T'.

In my latest personal V2MOM, I wrote down everything I wanted to do. That's it. It's that simple.

Here are few examples of my methods to help me achieve my vision:

Create new narratives in the marketplace that don't exist today.

  • In organizing my methods, I asked myself questions such as, "What is it that the market is thinking and talking about?" If you're able to depict these messages, than you can help guide the marketplace towards hearing yours.

Post on all digital mediums.

  • It was of utmost importance that the content be of the highest quality. I need to explore the new areas of influence such as, Quora, Medium, Openview (among others) to see if any of those channels are impactful.

Launch a daily podcast.

  • I desired to launch daily podcasts, so as to build a better brand and cover topics that haven't been thought of before. Thanks to James Carbarry of Sweetfish Media, such a mission has been made possible.

Influence and champion five mega-deals for the company.

  • Such deals could really put the company in a major place. That could include partnerships, like the one they did with LinkedIn.

Start a #FlipMyFunnel Conference

  • I thought that a conference for the #FlipMyFunnel community would be a great way to grow together and get the new narratives out in the marketplace.

In the process of crafting the 'means to the end', many challenges emerged.

4. Obstacles

Focusing on the fourth part of V2MOM, It forces you to consider what can go wrong and forces you to determine how to make it so everything runs as smoothly as possible.

As Murphy's Law roughly states, "If something can go wrong, make sure it won't."

Okay, that's perhaps contradictory to Murphy's Law. But we are now equipped in today's market to redefine through the analysis and preparations of obstacles.

For example, I was forced to think about what would happen if the daily podcast turned into a silo initiative. I determined that this could be possible if the entire team isn't involved. The whole purpose of the initiative would've been missed.

You want to do things in a way that's not disruptive to the existing resources. When going through this process, try and keep that in mind when analyzing different initiates and determine if they are in line with your values and if they help you achieve your vision.

You can assess such things through measurements.

5. Measures

This last part of V2MOM really puts things in perspective. You could have great vision, values, methods, and your obstacles could be properly identified, but the purpose of measurement is to illustrate what the picture of success looks like.

If you're a sales person, it could be about reaching your quota. As an evangelist, my measure of success is how effectively I am able to tell stories both outside and inside of the organization.

For example, one measurable goal is to speak at 20+ events. Another is for the podcast is to get to 20,000 views this year.

Such engagement is quite exhilarating. But determining how to measure engagement in this case is quite difficult. This is where I'm struggling. Should it be based on how many likes or what? Some of these things aren't really measurable. So the goal is to get my team engaged to figure that out.

In Conclusion

The last thing to keep in mind is that this is not only for your business.

I have not onIy applied it in business, but I have also tried a very similar approach in my personal life. In fact, you can almost apply it to every area, both short term and also very long term. It can be as specific for an event, a function, a company, and of course your personal life.

So what are you waiting for? Go out there and change the world!