If you found out that your business was "leaking" money unnecessarily, wouldn't you want to fix it?

Roughly 24 percent of travel and entertainment (T&E) expenses fall outside of business's expense policy.

Creating an expense policy can be a time-consuming process, but can have enormous impact on how you manage employee spending. So, the time and effort required to establish a comprehensive policy make sense.

Encourage employees to spend sensibly by making fair rules which are easy to understand, keeping policies both consistent and localized, and making the expense-claim process simple.

This template walks you through how to build a purposeful expense policy, set employee expectations and mitigate ambiguity, and create sensible rules for your company. In this eBook, you'll find: 

  • Tips for creating a straightforward policy that increases compliance
  • A list of categories an expense policy should cover
  • Plain-language explanations for each expense category

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Published on: Feb 28, 2020