Getting time off is good. But getting six weeks off, fully paid, with an additional $6,000 stipend to spend with family and friends, is great. 

This is just one of the impressive leave policies offered by Inc.'s 2018 Best Workplaces, which are detailed below. In this third annual tally, Inc. and Quantum Workplaces, an employee engagement software maker in Omaha looked at a variety of factors, including trust in senior leadership and career development policies, to determine this year's honorees.  

Of course, a company's benefits and perks play an outsize role in attracting and retaining superstar employees. In survey after survey, workers of all ages say they prioritize time away from the office; Millennials in particular cite flexibility with hours and location as a key determinant in job satisfaction. 

So the question is, how do you provide a great leave policy that also ensures your company goals get met? Take a cue from these Best Workplaces policies.

1. Fake Holidays

Stop by  Hanapin Marketing on the second Friday of the second month of each quarter and you'll be hard-pressed to find anyone in sight. The Bloomington, Indiana-based company created a fake holiday, "2nd2nd," to give employees a fun excuse to ditch work, plus four extra days off during the year, in addition to paid days off for national holidays and employees' birthdays.  

2. Volunteering Days

Seattle-based software company Outreach builds in two paid volunteer days per year for employees, and organizes one group volunteer day each quarter to get the ball rolling. Outreach is also among several companies on our list that boast an unlimited paid time off policy.

3. Paid Sabbaticals

Kabbage, an Atlanta-based money lender for small businesses, rewards workers with a fully paid six-week break for every five years of employment, and a $6,000 stipend to boot.

4. Vacation Stipends 

If five years is too long to wait, consider the Santa Monica, California-based company VideoAmp. The television operating system for advertisements gives employees a $2,000 family vacation stipend every year.

5. Paid Honeymoons

Tying the knot? Employees at financial planner Glassman Wealth Services in Vienna, Virginia, have their honeymoons paid for after they've put in two years of work at the company.

6. Free Housing

Hospitality software developer Cloudbeds has apartments in San Diego, where it is based, and Sao Paulo, Brazil, where it has another office. Employees are welcome to use the apartments for two weeks at a time.

7. Annual Trips 

Sparks Glencoe, Maryland-based company SC&H Group invites all employees and a plus one to the accounting firm's annual trip to a destination in the Caribbean. They've already planted their flags in Aruba and Jamaica.

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