Video Transcript

00:12 Scott Gerber: You even say in your Twitter bio, "Family first."

00:15 Gary Vaynerchuk: Yeah.

00:16 Gerber: If you look at the trends around entrepreneurship and marriage, something very simple, it's actually pretty well-known that those two sometimes don't make for the best of friends. In fact, the divorce rate is pretty high for entrepreneurs. How do you make it so that you're planning your business around your family and not your family around your business?

00:36 Vaynerchuk: I believe that when your thesis is right and when you understand the finish line, that you can reverse engineer from it and be successful. The reason that VaynerMedia is going to be very big. The reason Wine Library was very big. The reason that, when I built my brand, it was big, the reason everything I do forever will be big, is because the way that I go about business and life is I look at the finish line and I reverse engineer. Every answer I'm giving to you right now is not in the thought process of answering your question, it's in the thought process of, "My great-great-great-grandchildren are watching this right now." Hey, Jeremiah. And I wanna make sure that they're proud of me, and so that's what I think about. And that's how I make my life decisions.

01:16 Vaynerchuk: I married Lizzie an hour and-a-half into our first date and it was because I was intuitive about how she was wired. And then it proved itself out as we started dating. I understood that Liz was as big of a big-picture thinker as I was. I realized that Liz, emotionally, needed less than some people, which meant that that would give me the freedom to do what I want to do, which was very important to me. I figured it out before I started it. I was very aware of who I was. I communicated heavily, and then I watched and created a context around her while we were dating to realize that she was just saying it or if it was really the way she'd be able to roll. My wife is massively independent, and without that, I would have absolutely no shot in doing what I'm doing. And I'm also an all-in character. We're winning now and we're growing together in extremism. I'm probably gonna only work six days in August in 2013, and we're gonna go get a place by the beach and spend a lot of time together. That is insanity for Mr. Hustle, but the way I'm doing it is because mathematically, I'm actually gonna work more every other day and I have to not be half-pregnant. I don't have to try to make it work everyday and run home where I'm fighting this amazing business opportunity to have dinner with the kids, right? And I know how I delivered that, and that's how it is.

02:36 Vaynerchuk: When you're an entrepreneur, it's dinner with the kids, but as a father, it's like, dinner with the kids... It's always that moment. You're battling two things that you desperately love so much and I love my family more than anything. And so, all I'm trying to do is hack my life in extremities to create the amount of time, 'cause it's the quality and the amount ratio and I'm just trying to be extreme about it. And so, I had to get there, but to answer your question, I'm not sure. I don't have that figured out. I always say, "I don't actually know the future." People are always like, "You've been right about... " I just see it very quickly and I react and adjust very quickly. Christa, who works with me, who's sitting behind the camera right now, she's been at VaynerMedia for six months, we do stuff fast. We change things often and that's what I'm doing in my marriage. At first I thought I could do both and come home. I'd stopped working Saturdays. As a retailer, that was nuts. I thought, "What a gift", right? But then I started building my brand. I was on the computer 19 hours a day on Saturday and we did nothing.

03:37 Gerber: But what do you say to folks that might not have the Gary Vaynerchuk drive and gusto, if you will... And I would argue that a lot of entrepreneurs have that same drive and passion, of course...

03:49 Vaynerchuk: A little less for me...

03:51 Gerber: But I think that there's some folks that really want to find that "work-life balance." Do you think work-life balance exists?

03:55 Vaynerchuk: I think they're full of crap.

03:57 Gerber: It does not exist?

03:57 Vaynerchuk: I don't really think so. I think what exists is two adults, over-communicating about the reality of their situation and trying to make it work.

04:06 Gerber: What advice would you give to folks that are considering going into business? What kind of level of brutal honesty... Do you actually say to yourself, "We're going to put the business first no matter what because we're that team", is that how you drive this conversation?

04:20 Vaynerchuk: I talk a lot about, internally, right now at Vayner, that we wanna be head coaches that make halftime adjustments, not game plan. When me and AJ sat down and talked about this, of course, it was gonna be good. "Yeah, we're gonna do it," but it's what we did when shit hit the fan, that was what mattered. And so unless you have the DNA, and the capabilities, and the coping mechanisms to have that communication funnel, to be the bigger man or woman at times, to drive your point at times, to know when to fight the battle and not to, unless you have that tact, unless two people are really good at that, you're not gonna succeed. And it's actually a rarity, which is why now that divorce is accepted, you have such a high percentage and then you have so many businesses break up as well.