We might not realize it, but our self-esteem and self-confidence are under assault every single day.

I recently conducted research that revealed a shocking 93 percent of employees have experienced some sort of hit to their self-esteem (a dent in their armor) in the past 6 months due to something that occurred at work.

Can this be right?

That means that nine out of ten of you reading this column right now have suffered some hit in at least some small way to your self-confidence at work in the last six months.

Based on experience alone, that feels about right.

We can do better as leaders and co-workers for each other. And it boils down to one incredibly powerful truth about our interactions with others and the impact we have.

We can plant seeds of growth, or seeds of doubt, with our words and actions.

The truth is your employees and co-workers need your reassurance--perhaps more than you realize.

Here's a packet of seeds for you to get growing going; 13 ways you can build others confidence.

1. Remind them to stop comparing themselves to others.

Help them be cognizant of their thoughts to avoid drifting into self-induced negativity.

2. Help them to learn from failures and accept that they're not perfect.

It's about improving, not proving.

3. Encourage them to strive for authenticity, not approval.

The former is real, the latter is real trouble.

4. Get them focused on their potential, not their limitations.

Henry Ford said, "Whether you think you can or you can't, you're right."

5. Respect, trust, empower, and praise them.

What's the alternative?

6. Ensure they're set up to win.

This requires an upfront investment to enable downstream dividends.

7. Ask their opinions and listen to the answers.

Then act on it.

8. Role model taking care of yourself.

So they're encouraged to do the same.

9. Recognize them for the unique individuals they are and reward them for the unique contributions they make.

And remember, no one ever complains about receiving too much recognition.

10. Help them believe they belong.

Community comes from connection. Sometimes you have to connect the dots for them.

11. Let them have the ideas.

Help them discover their own ideas versus just driving them to execute yours.

12. Create a safety zone for them.

By this I mean a place they can be themselves, test ideas, stretch, and fail without undue punishment.

13. Encourage them to go be outstanding.

It's a higher bar, one you can't set for someone if you don't believe in them. So show them you do.