There are so many easy ways to energize at the office.

I mean other than sharing your picks for The Bachelor.

But this time of year, opportunities for acts of gratitude and kindness are especially abundant and well-received.

So get into the spirit of lifting spirits with these Random Acts of Christmas Kindness:

1. Tell someone why they matter

It will matter to them.

2. Give a compliment for something you take for granted

It will be beyond appreciated.

3. Bring in cookies for your cube mates

Who doesn't love cookies!

4. Tell a peer what they've taught you

They'll be flattered.

5. Quietly take something off someone's plate

One less thing to do is a good thing done.

6. Start a meeting with a positive rant on someone

7. Give someone feedback from the heart

If it comes from the heart, it sticks in the mind.

8. Slide a gift card over during a meeting

A thoughtful explanatory card to go with it would help.

9. Ask how someone's doing--and mean it

Maybe even listen so well that you ask a follow up question or two!

10. Buy lunch for the person who serves it

You'll be serving up good cheer.

11. Remind someone you're rooting for them

Odds are they could use the reminder.

12. Showcase someone when they're not expecting it

And do so with gusto.

13. Back someone up in a meeting--just because

It's always nice to be validated.

14. Sing the tune of an unsung hero

See if you can get a chorus going.

15. Erase one degree of someone's insecurity

It might dissipate ten more.

16. Speak highly of someone when they're not there

With any luck, it will get back to them.

17. Re-route three compliments you've received

Not "Return to Sender", "Forward with Care".

18. Enthusiastically bring someone into a conversation

And take their input to heart, they'll take it to heart they got the chance.

19. Notice someone trying to be great and encourage them

They'll notice that you noticed.

20. Tell someone three things you couldn't do without them

Better yet, tell three people three things you couldn't do without them.

21. Stay late to pitch in for someone who's put out

You'll put a smile on their face.

22. Invite a junior employee to a session they'd learn from

It's one meeting they might actually appreciate.

23. Take take-out orders before taking out

Save someone the trip--and the cafeteria food.

24. Return from the supply closet with a group re-stock

It's like little gift-parcels of provisions!

25. Cancel a meeting just because

Do you really need a reason?!

26. For one day, include praise in every email you write

The one time a mistaken "reply all" won't cause a coronary.

27. Offer a ride to a distant parking spot

Baby it's cold....out....side....

28. Be that person who really listened

They'll know it.

29. Buy lunch for someone just trying to get by

Best money you'll spend all month.

30. Praise your boss (and mean it)

They might even deserve it, and probably never hear it.

31. Check in on someone from your last job

Don't be a ghost of Christmas past.

Doing as many of the things on this nice list as you can this month just might get you on another nice list.

So be intentional about getting random!