All of us were born with a gift.

Sometimes it takes awhile to realize what our gift is, and how we can best leverage it for the better good. Growing up with an ill mother, Scott Harrison was put in a position to provide for his family and the household at a very young age. This responsibility pushed Scott to desire one thing, a way to make more money.

From 18 to 28 years old, this conservative Christian spent his time chasing after models, mingling with the elites, and bumping cocaine. He was throwing private parties for brands like MTV, VH1, Bacardi and Elle, and becoming as rich as ever financially.

The problem was, he never felt poorer emotionally. This led Scott to explore the 180 degree opposite of his life. He decided to escape the fast life started volunteering in developing nations like West Africa, Benin and Liberia.

At 28 years old, during a trip in Uruguay, I had a crisis of conscience, and found myself to be spiritually, morally and emotionally bankrupt. -Scott Harrison

After witnessing people drinking dirty, contaminated water from ponds and swamps, he dug deeper and discovered that over 800 people around the world didn't have access to clean water.

This is when charity: water was born.

Today, charity water provides clean water to over 7M+ people across 24 countries around the world. But the organization would not have achieved what it has without Scott's ability to tell powerful stories, and his developed promotional skills.

This interview is one of the most uplifting interviews I've done, and Scott has a humble, yet inspiring vibe that will keep you listening.

p.s - stay tuned for his powerful story about Rachel Beckwith, the little girl who gave up her birthday present to raise $300 for clean water in Ethiopia. Hope you enjoy.

Highlights of the episode

  • The origins of why Scott decided to start charity:water
  • The struggles of getting started and how Scott pushed through
  • How charity water strategically differentiated themselves from other nonprofits using social media and marketing campaigns
  • The importance of developing your mission statement in the early days of building an organization
  • Why storytelling is one of the most important skills you can have as a founder
  • Powerful stories of the best fundraising campaigns around the world to raise money for clean water
  • The importance of giving back when you have nothing

Topics discussed

  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Storytelling
  • Modern marketing & branding
  • Giving back

Over to you

What were your top lessons from this episode? Will you be participating in Scott's birthday challenge?