"We keep the song naked, and when we feel like we have the right one, we put some clothes on it and see how it feels." -Galantis

In just 6 years, Galantis has become one of the hottest artists in the world. If you haven't heard of them yet, you've probably heard their viral hits, like 'No Money' (~350,000,000 hits), 'Runaway (U & I)' (260,000,000 hits) and 'Peanut Butter Jelly' (~100,000,000 hits).

The talented individuals behind the duo are Christian and Linus. And they're a force to be reckoned with.

Combined, they've produced and written music for globally recognized artists, including Madonna, Katy Perry, Usher, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, and more.

I sat down with the Grammy-nominated duo at the Atlantic Records to have a personal conversation about how they were able to achieve this global success so quickly.

I'm honored to share that this was the first long-form interview they've done, and even more rare are the detailed strategies and processes they lay out in this conversation. We'll talk about how they have differentiated themselves from our electronic artists, their creative process, pre-performance routines, and much more.

Hope you enjoy this conversation with Galantis as much as I enjoyed speaking with them.

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Highlights of the Episode

  • Why Christian and Linus decided to form Galantis, after having majorly successful music careers individually
  • A deep dive into their song creation process: lyrical writing, melody, beats, and beyond
  • How having extensive experience in the industry helped the duo differentiate themselves from other DJ's
  • Tools and software they use to create and produce their music (and also what they used to use)
    • And why they prefer not to change tools if it doesn't move the needle
  • How they use limitations to produce better quality and more creative work
  • Pre-performance routines to get into the right mindset
    • And what they drink/eat before they go on
  • The difference between their performance with a new audience versus their dedicated fanbase
  • How they reduce live performance injuries that are so common in the scenery
  • Their music video creation process and how involved they are
  • How they're adjusting their music creation and promotional strategy as new distribution channels come out
  • What the future of music looks like with the evolvement of new technology
  • How they know when they're innovating and being original with their music

Watch the interview on video:

"Dare to be original, even if you're scared." -Galantis