Sleep. Some of us can't get enough of it.

After launching my language learning company, Rype, I couldn't get it at all. Now, there are degrees to how one defines an insomniac. While I was not on the serious spectrum, I would only get 2-3 hours of sleep many nights. It started affecting my creativity, mood, and energy levels.

If you can relate, I hope to give you 5 actionable tips today that have personally helped me resolve my insomnia. Hopefully it will help resolve yours. Ready to get started?

1. Choose your ideal sleep cycle

I had no idea that there were different sleep cycles you could experiment with. My entire life, I just assumed that people sleep 7-8 hours then remained awake for the rest of the day.

I found that there are four main sleep cycles that are well-known:

  • Monophasic Cycle

    • Amount of sleep: 7-9 hours (one sleep cycle)

    • Best suited for: 9-to-5 workers

  • Biphasic Cycle

    • Amount of sleep: 5-6 hours within the day

    • Best suited for: Workers that can leave work early or work at home

  • Everyman Cycle

    • Amount of sleep: One 3.5 hours of deep sleep within the day; Three 20 minute naps during the day

    • Best suited for: Those who want to explore polyphasic without going extreme

  • Uberman Cycle

    • Amount of sleep: six to eight naps (20 minute each)

    • Best suited for: Those who want the most out of their day without being tired

In the end, I decided to remain in the monophasic sleep cycle. With unexpected meetings and calls that I needed to take during the day, taking mid-day naps just was not working. But you should see for yourself what's right for you.

2. Invest in the right tools

Just like finding the right tools in your business can make you significantly effective, finding the right sleep tools help you sleep better, faster.

a. Blue light blocking glasses

Usage: During the day

Research show that we spend over 10 hours per day staring into our screens. Likely much more if you're an entrepreneur. Studies state that blue light exposure can negatively impact different parts of our brain and body. They include digital eye strain, headaches, and of course disruption of our sleep cycle.

As an entrepreneur I spend late nights staring at my laptop screen answering emails from customers and reading articles. When I tried to sleep, my mind was still stimulated due to blue light that made it impossible for me to sleep.

I started wearing blue light blocking glasses and have noticed a difference in how more relaxed I am before sleep, and a reduction of eyestrain. I normally wear these during the day when I'm working, and make sure to put them on at night before I sleep (since I can't stay away from my laptop at night!). Some harmful effects of blue light can be found here.

b. Blackout curtains

Usage: For the bedroom

Even a sliver of light that enters into our bedroom can impact one's sleep. While I can sleep through some light coming into my room, there are other nights where I absolutely need total darkness.

Using blackout curtains is the simplest solution, and installing it is pretty simple.

c. Bonus: Hot shower

Need I say more? All in all, taking a hot shower helps me relax when I'm stressed or stimulated before sleeping.

3. Leave any electronics out of the bedroom

A tip that has surprisingly been effective for me is: keeping all personal electronics outside of the bedroom.

I know... it's devastating as an entrepreneur. But I encourage you to try it for just one day.

Here's what you do:

  • Just before you go to bed: Take your phone, computer, smart watches (and chargers) outside your room

  • *If you don't have any other space, then place it on the opposite end of where you sleep

  • Put all of your devices on silent mode (or turn if off completely)

  • Don't check it until the next morning

Let me know how this goes!

4. The 90 minute rule

One of the most common myths about sleep is that we need 7-8 hours of sleep. While that may be somewhat true, sleep researchers would argue differently. Instead, rely on the '90 minute rule.'

Our sleep cycle contains a stage of REM sleep every 90 minutes, followed by a brief interlude when we are relatively wakeful, before a new cycle starts again. This means that you will feel most refreshed when you awake at the end of a 90-minute sleep cycle.

The easiest way to take action on this is to use a sleep cycle calculator to calculate when you should be going to bed (if you know when you want to wake up).

Let's imagine that you want to wake at 8am and wish to go to sleep around 10pm.

Counting back in 90-minute segments from 8am would look like this:

7am > 5:30am > 4am > 2:30am > 1am > 11:30pm > 10pm

In this example, you should aim to fall asleep around either 10pm or 11:30pm to follow the 90-minute rule.

5. Change how you think about the bedroom

I used to work from my bedroom, and looking back. It was a mistake. Now, I only do two things in the bedroom: sleep and sex. That's it.

More importantly, there's a few actionable things you can do today to transform your bedroom into the ultimate sleep cave.

a. Go DARK

And I mean DARK.

Any sort of light that is seeping through can potentially disrupt our sleep cycles. That could mean

  • Shutting your curtains completely (or buying a better one that completely fills up your windows)

  • Pointing any electronics or alarm clock away from you

  • Turning off all warm lights

Then, when it's morning time, you can start the day with bright lights and your body will be able to know that it's morning time.

b. Replace white light with warm light before bed

This option is great for preparing your body to calm down before bedtime. Most of the bright LED lights trigger alertness when it's turned on, and that's the opposite effect we want before bed.

You can find warm, orange light in just about any pharmacy store in your local neighbourhood.

d. Adjust your room temperature

Sleep experts have shown that room temperature between 60 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal for the best sleep. A room with extreme temperatures leads to more frequent awakenings and lighter sleep.

I hope this was useful for those of you that struggle with getting quality sleep in your life. As a fellow entrepreneur burning the midnight oil, sleeping better has been a game changer in my personal life and business. If these tips overwhelmed you in anyway, I recommend just starting with one of them.

Once you notice the positive effects in your sleep, you can try another, and so forth. Best of luck and leave a comment below to share how it went!