Tom Bilyeu is the co-founder of Quest Nutrition, a globally recognized billion dollar nutrition brand selling high-quality protein bars, powder, and more.

Within the first 3 years, Quest grew by 57,000%+ and was recognized by Inc. Magazine as the #2 fastest-growing company in the United States. All of this with zero outside capital put into the business.

However, this interview is not focused just on Tom's financial success. It's about the growth mindset and mental systems he instilled in himself to go from flat-out broke to building a billion-dollar business.

These mental frameworks and tools are skills that Tom had to learn from scratch. He was not born with it. Nor was he a born entrepreneur. Which means anyone listening to this can develop these skill-sets.

We talk specifically about how to build a growth mindset, strategies Tom uses in his daily life to perform at his highest peak, and tools he leverages to overcome tough times.

Hope you enjoy this special episode of The Sean Kim Show.

Highlights of the Episode

  • Every great entrepreneur starts with a rigid morning routine. Tom is no different. Every morning, he starts with a workout, meditation, and a unique process called 'Thinkitating.'
  • 'Thinkitating', according to Tom is when you meditate and problem-solve at the same time. It leverages the calmness of meditation while giving you the ability to dig deeper into your best ideas.
  • We also discuss why rage and anger can be a useful tool for you in life. Tom spends 80% of his time in the beauty and gratitude, and 20% in the darkness to fuel himself when things get hard.
  • Tom believes that entrepreneurs are made not born. And this can apply to anything we want to accomplish in our life. He shares how you can cultivate, develop, and nurture a growth mindset to live a more abundant life.
  • We end off the interview with relationship talk. Tom and his wife, Lisa, are not only life partners but business partners. Tom shares the difficult transition and how he had to let go of his own ego to build a stronger relationship together.
  • and much more...

Key topics discussed

  • Morning routines
  • Meditation
  • Social psychology
  • Goal setting
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Relationships
  • Depression and happiness
  • Growth mindset

Tom's Challenge to You

"First, get absurdly specific with your goals. Then create your most important list that will help you achieve those goals, and work towards that list diligently. If you can do that, you will be successful."