This might sound strange, but I swear it's true: Becoming an entrepreneur did wonders for my sex life.

Although I learned a ton while working in traditional Corporate America, there came a point where I was frequently in tears because I hated it so much. Let's just say being upset every evening wasn't exactly setting "the mood." While being super busy is alone enough to seriously dampen one's private life at home, being stressed about work you don't love has the power to absolutely kill it. 

Fast forward to when I founded my wine company. I was elated to learn that it not only freed my spirit, but also my sex life! I've heard the same from some close business contacts. Still sounds strange? Here are some of my theories on why entrepreneurship often serves as the jump off for new levels of sexual satisfaction.

Women have learned to confidently get our fair share. Many women who go into business for ourselves are prompted in part by the gender double-standard we encountered in traditional Corporate America. Being confident, knowing our worth, and simply handling our business can draw ire in ways that men simply don't have to put up with. Unfortunately, women can often experience the same thing in relationships. But women entrepreneurs get a good deal of practice in being confident, going for ours, and asking for what we need. And when that same boldness enters the bedroom…well, let's just say it's on! 

We know how to use and appreciate quick, intense windows of time. Some folks devalue the joy of a moment, be it in business or pleasure. A key to most entrepreneurs' success is their skill at leveraging timeslots that folks in traditional jobs might allow to go to waste as "downtime." Whether its layovers, on-hold waits, or the unexpected late arrival of clients…small-business owners know there is no time like the present. This vantage on time doesn't have to magically disappear when we leave the office though…when it comes to sex, entrepreneurs can apply this skill to re-define time, try out new locations, and savor quick moments of romance. In business or the bedroom, it can be dangerous to sacrifice the "perfect" for the "good." I'm not downplaying the joy of more deliberate foreplay; just saying, don't underestimate the power of a quickie.

We are adept at thinking outside the box and approaching new ideas and situations with an open mind. Similar to brainstorming in an entrepreneurial setting, the best sex often stems from us letting go of our inhibitions a bit to explore new things, or perhaps to explore familiar things differently. In the bedroom or the boardroom, if you create a safe space for each other to explore new ideas, respect people's limitations, and are happy to pause when a partner lets you know they are uncomfortable or need time to consider an idea, it's likely going to lead to discoveries that you wouldn't have found had you stuck to the tried and true.

We value nurturing relationships. Business owners understand that the strongest business relationships aren't about the honeymoon phase, but the small efforts invested to build trust over time. Same with romantic relationships. Once you've dedicated to the long haul, it is imperative to think about your partner's needs just as seriously as your own. Now that constantly creating win-win business deals is frequently in the forefront of my mind, I've found that I've become an even more generous lover.

Sales and sex. Income and intimacy. Finance and foreplay. After becoming an entrepreneur, did you uncover any amazing parallels between business and the bedroom that others could benefit from? If so, please share via your comments. Now that's what I call a win-win situation!