I know Honest Tea does things differently than other beverage companies,
but sometimes it takes a trade show to help you appreciate just how
different we are. Our booth at the recent National Association of Convenience
Stores trade show was decidedly less exciting, or at least less sexy,
than the other beverage companies at the show. Most of the
beverages at the show were energy drinks, and the marketers of those
drinks have clearly concluded that sex sells. Monster Energy Drink,
whose parent company is ironically named "Hansen Naturals," featured many
women with lots of unnatural features -- and I'm not just talking about
the Frankenstein boots. Rockstar Energy Drink had women strutting
around in gold bras and tight black outfits.

Our booth, meanwhile, featured a bunch of guys -- Kassidy, our Colorado
sales manager who usually joins us is still on maternity leave -- standing
in black shirts and pouring samples of drinks. That doesn't mean we didn't
sell a lot. In fact, we had a great response, especially to the Honest Kids line
and our new tea formulations. But if we'd been selling based on sex
appeal -- the sex appeal of our sales team, that is -- we would have been
out of business a long time ago.

Check out our unsexy pictures from the show by clicking here (we're the ones
above the Hooters energy drink girls (no comment).