It's time to start making those lists and checking them twice - and if you're like me, you've got at least a few business owners to shop for this holiday season. So what do you get for these tech-savvy executives who have probably seen it all? Here's a peek at my own list of favorite tech gifts for other business owners this year - you may just find that some of these items will work for your own family, friends, clients and colleagues, as well.

P. MAI Valletta Backpack and Wristlet ($395)

The first item on my list is really two items, and to be honest, it's actually a little low-tech. But this bag is perfect for business owners who have a lot of tech gadgets they need to haul around, or who are looking for a stylish way to transport their laptop. Finding a bag with a little style that also has all the pockets and carrying space you need is absurdly hard, and this bag combines form and function perfectly. One feature I really love is that the bag has a sturdy structure to it, so you can set it down on a table or the floor without it tipping over. Pretty handy for those of us tired of leaning our bags against a chair or table leg at every meeting. The bag also comes with a matching wristlet for easy access to smaller items like your phone.

Mevo Camera ($399.99)

The next item on my list is perfect for any entrepreneur who is getting into live streaming to promote their business, especially now that going live on Facebook is catching on. It's a little camera that can be easily set up nearly anywhere, and it's controlled with your phone. Their app allows you to zoom, pan, and edit, and it's extremely simple to use. It can also take photos, in case you just want a few snapshots instead of a video. Very cool, and very portable.

Nixplay Seed ($99.99) and Nixplay Iris ($199.99)

The next two items come from a company that I have a lot of experience with--full disclosure, they are a client--but my team and I actually own several of these frames because they're just so cool. The Seed and the Iris are digital WiFi picture frames that let you keep a huge playlist of different photos on a single frame. Both the picture resolution and the frames themselves are high-quality; they don't look cheap or gimmicky like some of the much older frames you may have seen.

One of the greatest things about these frames is that they allow you to keep in touch with family and friends no matter where you are, via the Nixplay app. Users can send photos directly from their phones to their loved ones' frames, and vice versa - perfect for business owners who have to travel a lot but don't want to miss out on what's going on at home. The Seed comes in fun, modern colors like mulberry, mango, blue and black, and the Iris comes in a refined color palette of peach, burnished bronze, and silver, so there's a frame to fit every style.

Astroscan Millennium Telescope ($219 + free shipping)

Being a business owner means reaching for the stars every day. Why not take this mantra literally, and give the entrepreneur in your life this telescope? It's portable, but still incredibly powerful, and the controls are easy to learn--not intimidating at all like some telescopes you'll find. And who knows - giving them the ability to see those stars they're aiming for more closely may just inspire them to even greater heights!

These are my top gift picks for the business owners on my list - I know they'll value the convenience, quality, and thoughtfulness of each. I hope I've given you some helpful inspiration for your own holiday shopping, as well. It's never easy to find the perfect gift, but these products are bound to be a big hit with anyone who receives them.