This time of year is always a favorite; but the quest to find the perfect gifts each year gets harder and looms over the joyfulness of the season. Living in a digital world, technology always makes a great gift which brings up the question, what are the best tech gifts this holiday season?

As a busy professional on the go, you may not have time to shop in order to find some great tech gifts. To ease your peace of mind, 10 top tech experts weigh in about what tech gifts they are most excited about for this 2015 holiday season.

"I think the best tech gift to give or receive is a virtual reality headset. As I spend a lot of time on Skype, Webinars and also love travel, the exciting options that virtual reality technology promises to immerse us in is exciting. Who wouldn't want to be taken to the other side of the world and fly above glaciers or a tropical island.

The potential to use virtual reality from anywhere in the world is also something that I believe will transform education, communication, collaboration and marketing. It's early days but the investment behind it is compelling."

Check out Fove, a virtual reality headset.

"I'm really looking forward to giving gear that helps support a new venture or hobby in someone's life. I'm going to give a new camera lens to my husband, some robotic equipment to my kids, and probably some new tool to my father-in-law. For myself, I'm excited about starting a new podcast in 2016 so I'm going to have a lot of podcast equipment on my list. At the top of my wishlist is a Heil PR-40 Microphone recommended by Cliff Ravenscraft, the Podcast Answerman. This is also going to come in handy for the streaming video Blab shows that I'm enjoying participating in! Can't wait for 2016!

"When it comes to gifts, it's difficult to give tech gifts since everyone has different needs, interests and technical capabilities. Otherwise, the product sits in the box unused.

Gifts should satisfy wants not needs (unless money is a real need for the recipient!) They should provide joy when the owner sees it.

My actionable tech gift advice:

  • Assess the recipient's current product ownership and usage.
  • Do they buy the most powerful product on the market and keep until it dies or do they need the newest, coolest product available?
  • What would make their life easier or more enjoyable?
  • What are their tastes like?

I suggest looking at tech-related products such as high quality cases and bags. I never realized how much joy a computer case could add to my day until I received a fun black and white patterned one. My colleague Lee Odden has a beautiful leather carrying case for his tablet that looks like a high quality portfolio. That would make a great gift!"

Check out these leather carrying cases for all your tech items.

"My best tech recommendation...the new TW Broadcaster It is a professional mounting solution designed for live streamers who want a stable platform. You can broadcast from a mobile phone and midsize tablet (such as an iPad). Pictured is a dual mount that could be used to live broadcast simultaneously using two different social media platforms such as Periscope, Meerkat, or Facebook Live for Mentions."

"The best gift is the gift of change. And the highest leverage way to do that is to donate to Room to Read, Acumen, buildOn, charity: water or some other group that uses tech to change the world."

"The #1 techie gift I'd recommend is the Amazon Echo. I absolutely LOVE mine and really think it makes a great gift for any techie. Plus it's very easy to use. I personally bought myself aCUFF bracelet. Looks amazing and I really want one! I'd also love to give it to several ladies I know who live alone. AMAZING!"

"Tech will be a big part of everyone's shopping list this holiday season. It's the year of tech after all. My best tech gift recommendation would be Apple's new massive tablet, the iPad Pro.

The latest version of the iPad has the size of the screen is about 12.9 inches, which is larger than any Ipad before it. It's also Apple's most capable and powerful iPad ever with an A9X chip, 10 hours of battery life and it even can multitask with split screen. This makes the iPad Pro the best tablet to combine work and play in a single gadget.

This gift combined with a new Pencil stylus and a beautiful Smart Cover keyboard can make it a great laptop replacement and best gift for the holiday. The best part is, it will last all day and won't break your back carrying it everywhere."

"I've been a huge fan of mye-Skoot and plan on giving a few of those away to some of our top employees and my good friends. It's a little more expensive but people love them!"

"My favorite tech gift is the Sonos PLAY:3 or PLAY:5 - I have one of each and use them every day. You can wirelessly play music from a huge variety of sources -- including your own music, Pandora, Spotify iHeartRadio and more -- anywhere in your home or office. Play different music or the same tunes in all rooms. The Sonos controller app is on mobile and desktop. A couple of tech gifts I'd personally like to receive are a Drone with Camera and a handheld Gyro Camera Stabilizer! My sister and brother-in-law are avid hikers and take the most amazing videos of their excursions around Scotland using a GoPro, drone and gyro combo.

I'd also love the Oculus Social for Samsung Gear VR coming out before Black Friday for just $99. Oculus has added in video viewing on Vimeo and access to Netflix. This is cutting edge technology and Mark Zuckerberg truly believes that virtual reality coupled with social will be the "next wave." Exciting times!"

Check out Phantom 2 Vision - a drone with a camera and Cabela's handheld Gyro Camera Stabilizer.

Well there you have it! From giving back to charities that use tech, to virtual reality, and electronic skooters, there are a multitude of tech gifts to give this holiday season. Happy gift giving!

10. Shama Hyder | @Shama (yours truly!)

My favorite gift this season is going to be the Nixplay Wifi Digital Seed Frame. A completely wireless solution to uploading and sharing pictures. I imagine everyone from my grandmother to our clients in C-Suite will enjoy this gift. These aren't the digital frames of the 90's. They look sleek, function seamlessly, and are easy to enjoy for the techie and non-techie alike.