Digital marketing is an ever-evolving field, and the strategies that work for your brand today might be useless three months from now.

That said, there are certain perennial digital marketing traps that even seasoned marketers can fall into. Here are 4 digital marketing traps to keep an eye out for.

1. Failing to embrace agility through analytics

In today's digital landscape, agility is the name of the game. Brands must be ready to pivot if their current tactics aren't working.

How do you know if they're not working? Analytics. What's getting the most clicks? How are your customers engaging with your content? Which campaigns have staying power, and which fizzled out?

As I write in my latest book Momentum, successful brands must do 2 things:

  1. Keep track of their analytics so they can make decisions based on hard data
  2. Be willing to drop the things that aren't working - in other words, no sacred cows - and try new, creative approaches

Failing to do these things will lead to lukewarm results from your digital marketing efforts, no matter how much time, money, and energy you're putting into them.

2. Creating content for the sake of creating content

Content marketing is the backbone of any digital marketing strategy, but that doesn't mean you should be turning out blog post after blog post just to get your brand more visibility.

If you're not creating content with a specific goal - to convert more customers, to establish credibility, or to increase sales of your newest product, for example - you're just spinning your wheels. Having a set goal will guide your content creation, helping you brainstorm ideas, target your audiences correctly, and ultimately earn more loyal customers.

3. Ignoring your customers

There's hardly a marketing team - or brand - on earth that would admit to knowingly ignoring its customers.

However, many brands are doing this without even realizing it. Your customers are telling you what they want from your digital marketing every day - you can see it through your analytics. If you're not watching your analytics, and adjusting accordingly, then you're losing out on incredibly valuable information.

If your customers are engaging with your brand on social media, but you're not engaging back, you're ignoring your customers. If they're giving you feedback that you're not paying attention to, you're ignoring your customers.

The bottom line? It's easier to commit this mega marketing fail than you'd think. To avoid it, stay engaged, stay data-driven, and of course, always stay courteous.

4. Not investing in your email marketing

Email marketing is still one of the best ways to stay top of your customer's mind - as long as you do it correctly.

Yet, because email marketing requires a relatively large amount of effort - especially at the beginning - many brands fail to invest enough time in their email marketing program to see real results.

There are lots of different ways to use email to convert more customers, aside from the typical email newsletter. You can automate emails for all kinds of different audiences.

Set up one email for people who haven't purchased from you recently.

Create another to thank customers who've been engaging with your newsletter.

A different one can encourage subscribers who haven't visited your website in a while to check out one of your most popular pieces of content.

The uses of email marketing are many, and they shouldn't be overlooked.

Every brand makes the occasional digital marketing mistake, but avoiding the big ones can save you a great deal of time - not to mention headaches. Read more in my post "Digital Marketing isn't the Same Anymore, So How Can Your Strategy Hold Up?"