As an ecommerce business owner, you're always looking for ways to grow your revenue. In order to do so, you need to adapt to the latest ecommerce trends. Here are three of the most disruptive trends you need to know to grow your business.

1. More focus on mobile shoppers

The number of mobile internet users is growing by the minute. In fact in 2016, Bloomberg reported that mobile traffic on ecommerce websites surpassed that of desktop traffic. At the same time, a study by Wolfgang Digital found that it lags behind in terms of revenue. While driving 42 percent of traffic, it only generates 21 percent of revenue.

This suggests that many ecommerce retailers aren't yet enhancing the experience of mobile shoppers to drive conversions. Sure, a lot of them might have switched to a mobile responsive web design, which improves the browsing experience. But if you're serious about growing your ecommerce business, you can't stop there.

To focus more on mobile shoppers, integrate a mobile wallet functionality. This will allow shoppers to easily complete their payments using their smartphones. If you have the funds, you might also want to create a mobile app to ease the browsing and purchase process for mobile shoppers.

2. Growth of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is helping ecommerce retailers enhance shopping experience and increase revenue.

For example, artificial intelligence can help you determine which customer segment or individual customer is most likely to buy a certain type of product. This means you can provide personalized product recommendations, and showcase specific marketing messages to relevant shoppers.

Artificial intelligence can also improve the way you re-engage potential customers. For example, you can determine which product page a shopper is lingering on the longest. Then you can retarget the shopper by promoting the product in a personalized ad. Or you can retarget shoppers by promoting items they have left abandoned in their carts.

This personalized shopping experience helps you tailor your marketing messages and efforts for specific shoppers. Doing so increases the likelihood of driving conversions. According to Invesp, 45 percent of shoppers prefer shopping on sites that personalize their product recommendations.

3. Rise of chatbots

This year's ecommerce trends are all about enhancing user experience. That's why the use of chatbots is gaining popularity in the ecommerce industry.

Chatbots are like personal shopping assistants, which help shoppers find products quickly and easily. If shoppers have any issues, they can use the chatbot to find a solution. A fast and easy solution will enhance their experience, and may even help convert them into paying customers.

However, the effectiveness of chatbots will also depend on your ability to update accurate data. For example, you will need to collect some of the most common examples of customer questions, requests, and complaints. And then feed all of those examples into the chatbot's algorithm so it can learn and improve how it assists your shoppers.


These are the top ecommerce trends you need to know this year to grow your business. Now it's time for you to start applying them to your marketing and conversion optimization strategies.

If you have any questions about these points, let me know in the comments below.