Is your ecommerce store failing to drive sufficient sales? You've been trying to figure out what's wrong. But maybe you should see whether you're committing some of the most common and dangerous ecommerce mistakes. These mistakes could be the reason behind your low conversion rates.

1. Failing to display social proof

If your ecommerce product pages do not have any customer reviews or user-generated photos, it's high time you reconsider this decision. According to Bazaarvoice, your customers trust the opinion of other customers much more than they trust your claims.

So try including reviews and user-submitted photos on your product pages to increase trust and drive sales. You can even go so far as to share this user-generated content on social media or include it in your ads.

2. Failing to provide easy support

Many potential customers may leave your website because they couldn't get an answer to their questions. Maybe they wanted to learn more about what kind of servicing you provide for certain items. Or maybe they wanted to know which of two items would give them the best results.

Either way, they may avoid making a purchase if you can't provide them with an easy support solution in those situations. You can try integrating live chat support on your website so shoppers can easily find solutions to their problems by chatting with a chat agent.

3. Making checkout too complicated

According to the Baymard Institute, ecommerce websites experience a 69.23 percent cart abandonment rate on an average. And some of the top reasons for this is because the site wanted shoppers to create an account, or the checkout process was too complicated.

So if you're making it compulsory for shoppers to register before checking out, you may be preventing them from converting. Try including guest checkout options, and social media signup and login buttons to simplify the checkout process.

4. Not offering free shipping

If your ecommerce store doesn't offer free shipping, it's time you do. According to a Walker Sands study, free shipping is the top incentive for nine out of 10 shoppers. So if you want high conversion rates, you need to consider providing free shipping to your customers.

Granted, not every business can afford to ship every order for free. But you can still set up a minimum purchase limit so shoppers can qualify for free shipping. You should thoroughly consider how to set a minimum purchase limit in such a way that you can provide free shipping without incurring any losses.

5. Cluttering product pages with design elements

You should also take another look at your homepage and product page design. Try to determine if the pages have too many elements that are distracting shoppers from the actual purpose of the page. See if there's any way to remove some of the add-on elements, and only keep the most essential design elements on your product pages.

The essential elements are: product photo and video, product description, pricing and shipping info, and CTA button. Aside from these elements, see if there are any extra elements, and whether or not it would be wise to remove them. You can run tests to see what kind of impact these elements have on your conversion rate.


These are the top five mistakes you should avoid if you want to make more ecommerce sales. As you can see, each of these mistakes can cost you sales in their own unique way. But you can start making corrections right now to prevent further losses.

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