Consumers are engaging more with live videos and are being significantly influenced by it. According to a Livestream survey, 80 percent of brand audiences would rather watch a brand's live video than read their blog posts. Plus, 67 percent of live video viewers feel more compelled to buy a ticket to an event after they watch it or a similar event on a live video.

These numbers only point to one thing - brands can effectively leverage live streaming videos to engage and influence their target audiences. The question is how? Take a look at some of these useful tips on how you can successfully use live streaming to promote your brand.

Live stream brand events

If your brand ever organizes events such as conferences, presentations, tours, or demos it might be a good idea to live stream the event. Sharing the event with your audience can make them feel included and enthusiastically engage with your brand.

If it's not exactly viable to host an event on your own, you can still engage your audience by getting involved in a much bigger event and then sharing live videos of how you're helping out. For example, GE shared live videos of how the brand's technology helped with the 2016 Summer Olympics, which were held in Rio de Janeiro.

Live stream product introductions/launches

When your brand is having a special announcement such as introducing your new product to your audience, sharing the event on live video can be highly effective for ensuring successful sales. The live streaming video can generate buzz for the product and may compel many people to buy it.

Target, for instance, live streamed the launch party of their Cat & Jack line of kids' clothing through Facebook Live. The brand managed to get twice as much Facebook Live engagement for the launch compared to their average engagement for live videos. Combined with their paid campaigns, live streaming helped the brand garner 500 million impressions and exceed their sales plans.

Live stream Q&A or AMA sessions

You can further engage your audience for your live streaming videos by getting them involved in a Q&A or AMA (ask me anything) session. Your audience will tune in because they will be active participants in the video by asking questions. At the same time, they will also get useful information through your answers.

An excellent example is how Cisco hosts live Q&A sessions during which some of their top executives are available to answer people's questions. For instance, the brand's general manager and senior VP, Rowan Trollope has been able to answer questions about the future of artificial intelligence through live streaming videos.

These are some of the best ways in which brands can successfully engage their audience through live streaming videos. There are several other opportunities such as behind-the-scenes live streams, influencer interview live streams, expert chat live streams, etc. Just make sure you clearly promote the date and time through social media to ensure that everyone tunes in.