You've optimized your ecommerce website for the search engines, and now you're starting to get more traffic. But that increase in traffic hasn't translated into an increase in sales as you had expected. You want to increase conversions, and grow your business, but you're not sure where to begin.

One of the best ways to increase sales is to work with influencers to market your products on social media. Since influencers have a knack for influencing people's opinions and purchase decisions, they can be a highly effective way to increase sales.

And the best part is, influencer marketing is very cost-effective. So even if you're on a tight budget, you can partner with influencers to promote your products. Here's how:

Make it easier for people to purchase your products

When influencers market your products on social media, they probably mention your brand, and include a link to your website.

When one of the influencer's followers sees a product they're interested in, they click the link, and go to your site. But if they have to manually search your entire site for that one specific product the influencer is promoting, it could be costing you sales.

Make it as easy as possible for the influencer's followers to purchase your products. How? Have each influencer create their own personal storefront.

Influencers can then add the products they're promoting for you to their own shoppable storefront. When they post about your products on social media, they can include the link to their personal storefront.

That way, the content displayed will be more specific, and relevant to each influencer's followers. When someone sees something they like, they can click on it to go to that specific product page on your website.

Example: Spartan Race

Spartan Race wanted to drive more traffic and sales from social media to their ecommerce store. So they activated a community of social media influencers, and had each influencer create their own shoppable storefront.

The influencers posted photos of themselves wearing, or using Spartan Race products on social media with links to their personal storefronts. When one of their followers finds a product they're interested in, they can click on it, and be taken directly to that product page to complete their purchase.

Microinfluencer Amber Klein, for instance, posted a photo of herself wearing Spartan Race gear on Instagram, and included the link to her personal storefront in her bio.

According to a Scoutsee case study, influencers have helped Spartan Race increase their click-through rate to nearly 40 percent, and boost their conversions to more than 10 percent.

Let influencers do what they do best

Influencers are excellent content creators. They know exactly what kind of content their followers will like. And they know how to engage their fans.

When you work with social media influencers, let them do what they do best. Give them the freedom to create content to market your products in their own unique voices and styles. Then their content will feel more authentic, and trustworthy, which will drive more conversions.

Influencers could position your product in a natural setting, so that it doesn't look too promotional. Or they could tell a story about your product to highlight its features or benefits.

Example: Coach

Take a look at how fashion blogger, Chandler Nehrt, recently promoted a Coach tote bag, for example. She paired the bag with an outfit, and posed with it in a natural setting. The highlight is on the bag, but it looks natural, and authentic.

In just three days, the post has already gotten more than 800 likes, and many positive responses and comments from Chandler's followers.


Now you know how to market your products effectively with social media influencers. Give influencers the freedom to create engaging content in their own unique ways. And make it as easy as possible for their followers to purchase your products with shoppable storefronts.