Content marketing is a powerful way to grow an ecommerce business. It can help you build brand awareness, generate leads, and drive conversions. However, many ecommerce websites still underestimate the importance of this channel.

Content Marketing Institute reported that 76 percent of B2C organizations use content marketing, but only 38 percent said they do so effectively. And 57 percent of B2C marketers aren't sure what successful content marketing even looks like.

Are you ready to take advantage of this highly effective marketing channel?

3 benefits of ecommerce content marketing

To better understand why your ecommerce site needs an effective content strategy, check out some of the main benefits of content marketing:

1. Generate leads

An effective content strategy can help you generate leads that can potentially lead to conversions. In fact, Demand Metric reported that content marketing generates three times more leads than traditional marketing.

Examples: You can provide useful information about your products using content marketing. Then share that information on your blog, social media profiles, or product pages.

2. Educate consumers

You can use content to educate potential customers about the benefits and features of your products. It's important to provide informative content that will guide prospects with their product research, and purchase decisions.

Examples: You can create how-to videos, buying guides, product care guides, comparisons between two products, etc. As a result of this, consumers may be more open to converting.

3. Build relationships

With helpful, quality content, you can enhance the customer experience. This enhanced experience is essential for building strong relationships.

The Demand Metric report also found that content marketing helps 70 percent of consumers feel a closer connection to brands. And 78 percent believe that customized content has helped them form relationships with brands.

3 ecommerce content marketing tips

Now that you understand the importance of a content strategy, here are a few content marketing ideas to get you started:

1. Showcase user-generated content as social proof

You can use reviews and customer-submitted photos as part of your content strategy. These act as social proof that your customers love your products. Social proof can help convince other shoppers to make their first purchase.

Bonus Tip: Try encouraging customers to use a specific hashtag to tag their photos featuring your products.

2. Create product videos to show your products in action

You can create demo videos or explainer videos for your products to highlight their value. This will help shoppers understand how they can benefit from the product, and possibly even form an emotional tie with the product.

Bonus tip: Another option is to create how-to videos, and include them on the relevant product pages to help customers with their purchase decisions.

3. Create social media visuals to engage potential buyers

Expand your social media reach by creating eye-catching visuals to share with your followers. Post photos highlighting your products in action, or create short videos to guide and engage your audience.

Bonus tip: You can also use visuals to promote your newest products, latest promotions, and other updates on social media.

These are just a few of the most effective tactics for ecommerce content marketing. If you have any questions about these tips, or anything to add, let me know in the comments below.