Nowadays, people spend most of their time seated, whether they're hard at work at their location-neutral job, playing video games, or using the various social media platforms to interact or visit beautiful online destinations.

Unfortunately, this can lead to the adoption of a slouched posture which can do untold damage over time. Even the newest furniture designs are created to envelop our bent-over, out-of-shape bodies. For many people, substantial physical activity on a daily basis is a thing of the past.

The problem is that in comparison to the human brain, which has a great ability to adapt just fine to a new reality, the musculoskeletal system and human spine is far less able to adapt. Slouching and slumping for many days in a row in our contoured chairs can cause mayhem to the fragile balance of our postural alignment.

What is Dynamic Neuromuscular Rehabilitation

This is a multi-disciplinary resource which emphasizes the rehabilitation and physical therapy of patients who suffer from spinal, orthopedic, neuromuscular as well as other disorders which may or may not be associated with sports. A renowned facility in this field is New York Dynamic Neuromuscular Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy Clinic, which provides premium rehabilitation, physical therapy as well as manual treatments to patients suffering from a wide range of conditions. They use cutting-edge diagnostic procedures & tools to assist in establishing the most effective treatment for an individual.

Their extensive onsite diagnostic amenities for sports medicine, back pain and orthopedic evaluations utilizes the most progressive apparatus available, which includes gait and ultrasound analysis. They are proudly New York City's first out-patient gait-lab. Their patients derive benefits due to the fact that they use traditional and functional orthopedic neuromuscular therapeutic tools, the latest technology and procedures to achieve the top regenerative, conservative treatment to relieve pain while promoting healing and working to prevent future problems.

Their Practice Philosophy

They treat a wide range of skeletal, muscular and neuromuscular conditions through a combination of various medical disciplines, such as osteopathy, physical medicine, physical therapy, chiropractic methods as well as pain management.

Their approach to treatment and diagnostics follows the most recent research in the area of rehabilitation and physical medicine, while recognizing that the patient plays a key role in their own care. Through extensive treatment and a thorough education, their patients can be free of pain and don't have to depend on doctors for treatment.

With their slogan, "movement is life," they teach their patients to incorporate spinal health and healthy movement as part of their daily regime. They have pioneered DNS exercises which are proven to stimulate the correct functional movements while allowing proper posture and movements to automatically become established in the motor pattern of the patient. Their expert knowledge of rehabilitation, manual medicine & chiropractic procedures has put hundreds of people on the road to longevity and a pain free life!'s Methods

The key to their success is their expert understanding and knowledge of the fundamental causes regarding skeletal and neuromuscular disorders. This gives them the opportunity to diagnose problems correctly and to select the most suitable procedure for every patient.

Their practice's cornerstone is the Method of Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, which is a technique originating from Europe that restores the postural and structural alignment of the human body. This physiotherapy system has provided assistance to numerous people who suffered from back pain as well as other neuromuscular disorders. These include professionals and athletes such as Roger Federer, Jan Zelezny and Jaromir Jagr. The clinic utilizes chiropractic methods and physical therapy as well as more advanced rehabilitation techniques like Kinesio Taping, Brugger Therapy, Vojta Therapy and sensory-motor stimulation. In addition, they take advantage of rehabilitative apparatuses like EPAT (Radial Shock Wave-Therapy), Spinal Decompression Therapy, Balance Master, ATM, Spine Force, Laser Therapy and Skiers Edge!

DNS and Strengthening Exercises

In personal training, as well as the majority of Chiropractic & physiotherapy rehabilitation schools, muscle training is done in isolation. However, to strengthen such debilitated muscles in isolation, apart from the integrated locomotor system, doesn't give any assurance that the power established, will convert accordingly into increased performance. Furthermore, trained movements which are not incorporated into the global motor-pattern can't become instinctual and will not be an aid to a patient. For instance, in general we don't consciously control how we stand, sit or walk. These along with other customary movements are regulated by the autonomous movement programs which are rooted inside an individual's Central Nervous System.

Kolar's approach regarding DNS developmental kinesiology, remedy's the locomotor dysfunction by incorporating the rectified movement into these programs' frame. Thus, the movement becomes involuntary and enables the patient to use it instinctively. The majority of DNS-exercises are performed in the classic crawling, rolling or creeping positions. These exercises are applicable to patients with various chronic and acute disorders. They are also incredibly useful to athletes who want to enhance their performance as well as prevent or rehab from injuries. Such exercises can include thera-bends, using gymnic balls as well as other relevant equipment.

These exercises are used for the improvement of the spine's stability, balance, strength and muscle coordination as well as enhancing body awareness. Significant effectiveness regarding spinal care-intervention is achieved when motor learning is linked with global reflex motor-patterns, as well as the synergy of sensory-input.

Chiropractic (New York Dynamic Neuromuscular Rehabilitation) offers innovative amenities for sports medicine, chiropractic methods and physical therapy. They assist New York City's residents with a full gamut of chiropractic needs. Their key focus is to place their patient's on-route to a pain free life and to teach them to take back control over their health assisted by a caring and experienced Chiropractor. They use the most recent technology together with seamless incorporation of modern and conservative chiropractic treatment procedures to obtain the best and most consistent results for all their patients. They do their utmost to relieve the pain while searching for the root cause in order to help their patient permanently overcome the condition.

This highly reputable clinic has more than fifteen years' experience in treating orthopedic and neuromuscular disorders as well as back pain and sport injuries. When a patient requests treatment, they take the time to perform a thorough analysis and customize a treatment program specific to that patient.

Visit their exceptionally informative and educational website www. to get much more comprehensive information about all their innovative therapies, unique sports programs and cutting-edge technologies! Say goodbye to pain and nagging injuries and enjoy life once again!