No one likes to fail, especially four times. Despite all odds, this founder was able to pick right back up and start a new e-commerce business.

WAY, which stands for "What's Around You," is an online marketplace based in Silicon Valley that works with over twenty thousand vendors to provide exclusive services in dining, parking, event tickets, activities, and movies on its illustrious platform. is headquartered in Fremont, California and was founded May 20, 2013 by Binu Girija. Girija has a coding background and studied computer science in India before working at Oracle and founded four startups, which failed, until he founded According to Girija, "Way helps connect vendors to buyers."

The founder and CEO Binu Girija explains the functions on the site by stating an example, "Let's assume you are ordering lunch, you have a time, then you pick a restaurant: locations, and then you pick the cuisine, that's personalization. Anything that has those three elements, a vendor can list on Way and Way will help connect them to the buyer."

Currently, offers their services to cities domestically. has an option for customers to request their services in the city of their preference. Their expansive marketplace helps advance online promotions that delivers evident results. It not only offers the essentials (i.e. food, tickets, dinner, parking); but, it also offers hotel booking, family vacations, and cab services.

Competing with LoopNet and BizBuySell

How works is that a person looking to invest their business, can list for free by creating their profile, then they can communicate directly with buyers using Way's messaging system. The biggest key for a successful run is connecting and expanding a network and communicating with current and future customers.

Way's advertised quote is "We're revolutionizing the way you get your concierge services every day by redefining the service marketplace."

Buying on is very simple, a customer can search for their city and browse services nearby, they can purchase anything in just one click & immediately receive details on delivery.

Not only have they made life easier for their customers, but Way. Come also offers Way bucks. Every time a consumer used their credit card they earn way backs and earn up to 10% cash back on qualifying purchases. Their program is guaranteed stress-free and fee free, it doesn't cost a customer a dime to sign up for their Way bucks program. For every dollar spent, a Way buck is earned. is an innovative online marketplace that has made essential daily activities easier for their customers and will continue to do so as they grow their company and expand across the nation.

Bottom Line

As consumers adjust to e-commerce platforms traditional brick and mortar stores like Wal-Mart and Target may find it harder to operate in an increasingly competitive environment. "Companies like will continue to enhance the way we buy and sell," Girija says. If you ask me, I wouldn't be surprised if another dozen retail giants have to close their door by the end of 2020.