It is so common, in fact, that nearly everyone has either been affected by it personally or is involved in some way with someone who has/is.

Reported to affect one in every ten Americans, depression is one of the most common and fatal mental health disorders that has America in the grip of an epidemic.

It's taking over more lives than we probably realize, but while there is reason to worry, there's also some hope on the horizon. A start-up is promoting a natural way to combat many dysfunctional feelings and poor mental performance without using chemicals, therapy or medication.

I found this next startup through FactoringClub, a company that is basically like an online encyclopedia, Revolutioner is doing exactly what its name might imply; revolutionizing the way technology is improving our mental state. It is providing a natural way to restore the balance in the brain as well as encouraging the body to produce hormones to help maintain mental balance.

The program itself is straightforward; just listen to a short recording every day. The aim is simple; to correct the balance between our left and right brain hemispheres. Too much Theta (slow-wave activity) can cause a lack of focus and low mood. Too much Beta (fast-wave activity) can cause stress and the inability to easily fall asleep. The correct balance of high Alpha waves enables you to be calm, very focused, solve complex problems, be emotionally stable and sleep better.

The correct balance of Alpha brainwaves releases the "happiness hormone" called Serotonin. Serotonin regulates the mood and prevents negative states. Alpha waves also enable you to stay in the "Zone" and perform at maximum levels. You can be calm, very focused, solve complex problems and perform at much higher levels.

The technology works by stimulating brain waves; tiny impulses in the brain that our neurons use to communicate messages throughout the body. These can control a wide range of areas, from mood to food digestion to critical thinking. Since our systems all interact with one another, balanced brain waves can help with all aspects of life.

Revolutioner is a natural and safe program that allows us to experience the positive benefits and alleviate many dysfunctional symptoms that are felt by millions worldwide.

While the embedded sound frequencies waves can't be detected by our ears, our brain is able to pick them up and use them to transform our mood, improve sleep, concentration and handle difficult situations better.

There's no doubt that this cutting-edge sound technology is an excellent option for those looking to alleviate dysfunctional feelings, and Revolutioner is providing a fantastic way to get started.