Teamwork is one of the most important variables for success. And no one understands this better than Reason. What is Reason? Well, Reason is the ultimate team building program facilitator used by big name companies such as Google, Facebook, GE, Sony, and many more..

Escape rooms, obstacle courses, and cutting edge technology. Are you in?

Most teams are answering that question with a loud, unified, yes. Best of all, managers and companies reap the benefits of improved team collaborations.

Escape rooms are live, interactive, puzzles where teams have to work together to (as you guessed it) escape the room. More than just being fun activity; escape rooms utilize an important psychological mechanism for strong team building.

The Queen's University of Charlotte uncovered some puzzling statistics about the workplace communication. Three out of four employers rate teamwork and collaboration as being extremely important. What is shocking is that only 18% of employees get communication evaluations during performance reviews and only 27% of employees receive communication training. Can you guess the percentage of workers who feel confident in their communication abilities in the workplace? You guessed it. That percentage is 27%. There is a direct link between communication training and increased workplace collaboration and teamwork.

Team building is tricky, however. Some managers try to sidestep the potential issues of conflict-ridden team projects and initiatives. But, this is not effective in the long run. Working individually reduces the amount of early project feedback, reduces learning, accountability, worker morale, and overall project quality.

Workplace collaboration is important. There is no question about that. But how do you go about promoting workplace collaboration without being overbearing or forcing the staff to engage in banal little exercises printed off the internet? The answer lies in a fun, team-oriented collaborative initiatives outside the workplace that provide real world incentives. This is why escape rooms consistently rank as one of the best activity to promoting team bonding and increase productivity in the work place.

One of the reasons for this is that participants consistently report that the game was very entertaining and highly engaging. The activity didn't even seem like a workplace training course. Participants often want to come back with a group of friends or coworkers, and do it again!

Reason Escape Room

"Escape the room? We didn't even want to leave. A 'future technology' game leaves us ready to hug our Roombas: - CNET

How exactly can escape rooms help increase teamwork?

Your team is trapped. They're trapped in a reactor to be exact. A sabotaged reactor that leaves the team inside trapped unless they figure out how to shut it off. How would one go about shutting off this particular sabotaged reactor inside the Reason's escape room? Figure it out.

Clues are hidden throughout the room. Teams have to work together and use their combined observations, pattern recognition, reason, and strengths to find the connections needed to put the puzzle together and escape.

Escape rooms, helps teams to communicate, work together under pressure, and pull together to combine each of their individual strengths to successfully complete a mission.