Coffee lovers tend to be fanatical about getting that perfect java fix, and as addicts ourselves, we can't fault them. From a stovetop espresso maker to a cold brew liqueur, our gift guide for the coffee fiend in your life covers both the creative and conventional--all for under $50.

Stovetop Espresso Maker, $39.95

There's no need to bother with a fancy and bulky espresso machine when this space-saving stovetop gadget gives you the same fabulous dose. It's a cinch to use: Add water and coffee grounds, put a mug on the built-in platform, and boil on medium heat. The brew streams into the mug in just a few minutes. 

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Coffee Subscription, from $44 for three months

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Brooklyn-based boutique sustainable coffee brand Driftaway offers a customizable gift subscription. Choose between four single-origin coffees or one from three cold-brew varieties, and pick your favorite flavor profile, such as fruity or bold. You can get coffees that match your taste delivered either every two weeks or monthly. 

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Coffee Perfume, $20 for a month's supply

Yes, there really is a perfume that smells like coffee. From luxury French house Montale, this gender-neutral scent is called Intense Café Ristretto and opens with notes of just-brewed java and has touches of tonka beans, vanilla, and sugar. It's a perfect pick-me-up any time of day.

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Cold Brew Liqueur, $39

From artisanal Australian coffee roaster and craft distiller Mr Black, this spirit pairs ethically sourced java with vodka. Drink it straight over ice, with a bit of cream, or in a cocktail. One pour has as much caffeine as a single espresso, so it's a energy booster and nightcap at the same time and even does double duty as dessert.

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Stay Warm Coffee Mug, $29.99

Keep your coffee hot for hours in this clever stainless-steel vacuum insulated mug. Super light and comfortable to hold, it has a mouthpiece designed to let the liquid to flow out smoothly and make drinking easy--exactly how you want your coffee experience to be.

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Top Shelf Instant Coffee, from $10, available in three roasts

Yes, instant coffee really can blow you away. Perfect for the time pressed--and who isn't?--these bags, from BLK & Bold, a certified B Corp, are filled with freshly ground micro-roasted coffee. Steep the bag for five minutes and sip. Our preferred pick is the toffee-like medium roasted, but single-origin roasts from Honduras and Ethiopia are options too.

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