A gift with wellness or self-care in mind can be as innovative as it is effective. Our guide of gender-neutral options includes the edible, the high tech, and a spiffed-up version of a classic home accessory. 

Oura, from $299
The Oura Ring is a mainstay among athletes, CEOs, and high-profile entrepreneurs. Wear it on your finger like a traditional ring, and it tracks biometric data to give you the lowdown on your activity, heart rate, sleep patterns, basal body temperature, and more. The gadget's five-day battery life helps justify the splurge.

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Sky Ting TV, $20 a month/$200 a year 

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A subscription-based streaming platform, Sky Ting offers more than 200 recorded classes as well as live sessions on a range of yoga-based wellness practices such as slow flow vinyasa, pre-bed relaxing meditations, deep breathing, and body awakening backbends. Lengths range from two minutes to over an hour.

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Do-It-Yourself Manicure Kit, $72 
Sundays, a nontoxic nail care brand focused on wellness and created by New Yorker Amy Lin, has a new at-home kit that makes doing your own nails almost as easy as going to a salon. A file, buffer, base and top coats, dry oil, and nail clipper are all included as is a virtual class in which a Sundays manicurist shows you step by step how to give yourself a manicure for a professional end result. 

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No-Mist Humidifier, $150
This unique compact humidifier from Canopy emits filtered moisture without mist and doesn't get moldy like typical models. It helps with dryness and dull skin and also has an aroma diffuser to scent your home. Cleaning is a cinch, too: Simply put all of its parts in the dishwasher.

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Honey-Centric Wellness Kit, $48
Arm your giftee this winter with an arsenal of health-boosting honey products from Georgia brand Savannah Bee Company. This Well-Beeing Kit includes royal jelly, rich in protein and fatty acids, a honey throat spray, a delicious raw honey, which can help strengthen the immune system, and bee pollen, laden with amino acids.

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