If you want to get better at something-to be a more successful entrepreneur, leader, top-notch speaker, or generous soul-you need a starting point. I believe that the best place to start is with a clear goal and an actionable plan. That's why vision boards can be powerful.

Scientists prove that thinking about a goal is just as important as doing an action toward a goal. So, going through the process of crafting a vision and displaying it where you can see it and think about it everyday will help speed you on your way to attain it.

A vision board is a way to clarify and focus on a life goal. Whether it's for your own success or your company's, creating one may be a worthwhile way to kick off a new quarter.

We've compiled sources of information to help you.

  1. Start at the beginning.
    At What is a Vision Board, you'll learn the purpose and practice behind these boards. They even give you a link to a quick "kit" on Amazon. You'll get your supplies and be ready to start your project in 2 days! This site also provides tips.For example, you can create a board that's built around a goal you already have, or you can choose pictures and quotes that appeal to you, and discern a pattern or goal after your board is complete.
  2. Try it out online.
    At Dream it Alive, you can effortlessly make an online vision board and share it with like-minded people. There are many categories to choose from, such as "Wealth & Prosperity," ""Mind & Soul," "Health & Wellness," and "Synchronicity."
  3. Break down the process into manageable chunks.
    Wiki How
    breaks the process down into 3 stages with 4 steps in each stage. First, in "Getting Started," you get clear instructions on how to narrow down your vision.Next, you'll learn about "Creating Your Vision Board." And, finally, there are tips for "Using Your Vision Board." This is very helpful. The real value to the board is clarifying your goals, but then developing the process to achieve them!
  4. Visualize your goals.
    Besides pictures, it's helpful to have quotes on your board. There are several places where you can print out quotes. Type "vision board quotes" into your search bar, and then click on "images." You'll have hundreds to pick from. Or, you can write them on your board with markers or colored pencils.
  5. Seek inspiration.
    You can see examples of completed vision boards on Pinterest. Type in "Business Vision Boards" in your search bar to see examples of goals that professionals have set. Examples are helpful for inspiration. Some are on cork boards. Some are digital. Some are on white boards.Pay attention to the details: What do people include? What do they leave out? What themes do they choose? How do they benefit from them? It's also helpful to see that other people just like you have benefited from the exercise.
  6. Sell yourself on the idea.
    If you're not sold on why you even need to start this project, check out this article. I hope it will sell you on the power of vision boards.