If you are asked to be a conference panelist, keep this list at hand:

  1. Prep. Then go with the flow.
  2. Be brief. Short is better. Don't be a bore.
  3. Be specific. Lofty is lovely, but not from a panelist. Keep it concrete.
  4. Be proactive. Disagree agreeably. Do it often, not always.
  5. Smile. Show your teeth. You're never fully dressed without your teeth showing.
  6. Get heard. Speak loud. Make your mic work. Sound systems generally suck.
  7. Talk to someone, panelist, moderator, or audience member. The audience wants to hear you engage in lively conversation.
  8. Don't wait. Jump in early and often. Mix it up.
  9. Bury your pride. Don't whine if you get intellectually mugged. It's good for the panel, entertaining for the audience, and probably good for you.
  10. Have fun. Right there. Right then. Light up the room.

I've adapted these tips with permission from Paul Kedrosky at paul.kedrosky.com/blog.