You've just accomplished something significant and you feel pretty good about it. But before you have the chance to celebrate you receive a call from a client saying they've cut the budget and, well, guess where the cuts are. Or your printer has just cranked out its very last crumpled document before signing off for good.  Isn't it funny how these experiences can instantly erase any feelings of achievement and stop that forward momentum dead in its tracks?

It's easy to feel bad, especially when a series of unexpected problems arise. So often, we tend to allow these events to overshadow the good and we willingly hop on that scary, emotional rollercoaster ride. Once we begin the downhill trek, it often feels easier to keep plunging rather than turn around and continue your ride to the top.

Life has its setbacks, but a gentle shift in perspective to slow your racing mind will work wonders in times like these. The next time your rollercoaster is on a deep-hill plunge, try these simple steps and take back control.

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- First, remember to breath. I know that sounds funny but we tend to take shallow breaths when we're upset or anxious. Close your eyes and take in some nice, cleansing, rejuvenating air.

- Remove yourself from the problem. Rather than staring at the broken printer, willing it to work just a little while longer, put it in the closet, leave your office and KNOW that the resources for a new printer will come into your life. When you're in a more relaxed state, ideas will flow more freely. You may recall that your friend has an extra printer that you could borrow or that just yesterday you noticed a gently used printer on Craig's list for a very low price.

- Ask yourself: "What has really changed?" There was a time when that client was only a prospect and there are other prospects out there. 5 minutes ago you did not have that money in the bank so nothing in this moment has changed—and it's okay. Slowing your mind and changing your environment will allow you to recall other resources, create a new plan, and move forward more quickly and effectively. Most often, these things happen for a very good reason—remind yourself of the positive side of the situation.

- Go for a walk or workout. Even though it may feel easier to stew in your problem, remember that your brain chemistry is changing every moment that you live in fear, anxiety, anger, or any negative emotion. Get those endorphins going with a good workout and again, the answer will come more easily. The energy will kick in and allow those creative juices to get flowing again. You have plenty of creativity in your mind—all entrepreneurs do!

- Spend time with your child or your pet. The innocence of a small child's mind or a pet's unconditional love will ground you. These moments are a special reminder of what life is really all about.

- Go back to your plan. Look at your resources. There are ways to solve every problem and once you've gotten your feet back on the ground it will help you to look at the ideas that you have on paper and to take action. This taking back of control is also very empowering and puts you in the drivers seat so you're no longer an unwilling passenger on the crazy rollercoaster of life.

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