The Japanese messaging app maker Line's IPO this week is expected to raise up to $1.3 billion--by far the biggest public offering in the tech industry this year, and the first to break the billion-dollar mark.

Line's debut should provide a much-needed boost to an IPO market that's been experiencing a severe drought. According to a report by Renaissance Capital, an IPO research group based in Greenwich, Connecticut, the first quarter of 2016--which saw a total of zero deals outside of the health care sector--was the slowest period since the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis.

Which tech companies could join Line to help end the dry spell? Renaissance Capital recently came out with a list of the top contenders, VentureBeat reported Tuesday. Here are the 12 tech companies most likely to IPO in the next year:

1. Spotify (Music streaming)

2. Blue Apron (Food delivery)

3. Optiv Security (Cybersecurity)

4. Domo (Business intelligence & data visualization)

5. AppDynamics (Operations analytics)

6. Okta (Enterprise software)

7. Talend (Data integration software)

8. LogRhythm (Cybersecurity)

9. Aquantia (High-speed transceivers)

10. Quantenna (High-speed Wi-Fi chips)

11. China Music (Music streaming)

12. Carbon Black (Cybersecurity)