My recent blog post stating that women are better sales people than men provoked some controversy. I heard both agreement and disagreement. I heard from women, from men, and from all sorts of organizations -- from NIKE to NAWBO (National Association for Women Business Owners). Nonetheless, I stand firm in my beliefs about the power of women in sales.

Not only do I know women sell better but I further believe that companies would do well to have women sales trainers. This is an issue that was raised by a blog reader – Janet O'Conner at OC Creative. I could only answer her with the idea that many companies seem stuck in the past; they would do well to embrace the idea of women sales trainers. It follows a natural path. I got my start in training because I excelled in sales.

With the growth of women in sales, I am sure women trainers will become a big part of the sales culture. And before I forget … if you have a favorite example of a successful person in sales, male or female, please tell me. I would love to hear more.