Every day, businesses around the world of all shapes and sizes are launching products, services, and experiences. But most of them do so without any fanfare. There's no pent-up excitement or buzz surrounding the event. Or there aren't enough raving fans eagerly awaiting the launch. As a result, product sales are nowhere near what they could be. 

I've been watching a lot of launches lately. Eighteen time best-selling author Seth Godin just published a new book and has done a slew of interviews on podcasts and other shows to discuss the concepts covered in it.

I watched a ton of behind the scenes footage of former Destiny's Child group member Michelle Williams and her fiance Chad Johnson, as they went on a whirlwind press tour for their new show Chad Loves Michelle, on OWN.

And a few months ago, I watched popular business coach Marie Forleo re-launch a new digital course on copywriting. As she geared up for her launch window, like the others, she did a series of interviews on podcasts and other outlets to create buzz and spread the word. 

All of these brands got their products in front of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people by investing the time in advance to build and execute a promotional plan that placed what they have to offer to the forefront of the minds of the people they serve.

And that promotion works to get your ideal customers to take the next step forward with you. I just received my hard copy of Seth's new book. I've watched all four episodes of Chad Loves Michelle that have aired so far. I listened in on the webinar Marie Forleo promoted in one of the podcasts she was a guest on.

Here are three proven ways to get your next launch the attention it deserves.

1. Create a trailer or other promotional content.

Months ago, I saw a trailer for the movie Creed II, starring Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone. I remember the excitement I had as I watched the two-minute preview for the film, and vowed to see it over the Thanksgiving holidays when it came out. A few days ago, I made good on that vow and went to see the movie with my family.

A while back, actor Will Smith bungee jumped from a helicopter for his fiftieth birthday. He lived streamed the event which helped raise money for charity. I sat glued to my phone screen as I watched the event in real-time, in addition to the pre and post jump programming. I found out about the jump from a number of posts Smith published on his Instagram account.

As you do the planning for the launches, plan out a series of content you can create that will entice your audience to tune in when its time to launch. Be sure to tailor that content to fit the distribution channels you'll use to spread the word. 

2. Go on a press tour.

Make a goal to appear as a featured guest on a certain number of podcasts. Explore options to get your story covered in more mainstream publications. Pitch yourself to appear on local television as a way to gain exposure.

Remember, as you're seeking out partners to help cover your upcoming product or service launch, make sure that you provide an angle for your product that is noteworthy.

The goal isn't to say "Hey, I'm launching this thing, go buy it." Rather, your focus should be on producing a product, service, experience, or angle worth remarking about. Create something that those with a platform are excited to share with their audiences.

3. Produce an experiential event.

For the launch of her book, Michelle Obama is going on a 10-city arena tour in the US and has added dates in select cities in Europe as well. Earlier this year, Nike launched it's React running shoe with a series of fun pop-up houses that demonstrated the attributes of the shoe. 

Increasingly, customers crave experiences. And when you can create an experience that produces memories and adds to the overall value of your products and services, it will give your customers a reason to pay closer attention to what you are doing.

You work hard to produce something your customers will love. Make sure you shout from the rooftops about it. Build a simple plan to get your products and services the attention they deserve.